My Replacement Meters Came

The two replacement AccuChek Aviva meters came and I fired them up on Saturday.

3 AccuChek Avivas

The one on the far left is the one that was 15 points higher than the lab. That one is packed up to go back to Roche.  If nothing else, I at least have consistency now!




2 thoughts on “My Replacement Meters Came

  1. The result only has to be within 15 points if the lab result is under 75. Over 75, the meter is considered “accurate” by FDA standards if it falls within a 20% range above or below the lab value. That’s why they say not to compare meters to each other. They could all be way off from each other but still considered accurate.

    The new Aviva Plus strip is more accurate than required by the FDA. Roche submitted to the FDA with a tighter accuracy range (15% vs 20%).

    • Suzie, in the past, AccuChek was always a lot tighter than the 20%, I can’t think of the name of the European standard that is better than 15% and they always met that one also prior to coming out with this new strip. I want one that doesn’t just meet standards, I want one that does far better – that is what AccuChek used to do. I just started using the Aviva plus ones and I can’t really say there is much of a difference.

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