Wordless Wednesday: My Cat Sasha

Back in 1999, my aunt and uncle’s neighbor’s cat had kittens in my uncle’s tool shed.  The owner wanted to get rid of all the kittens and the mother.  My sister took one of the kittens and called me to see if I would take the mother cat, at least on a temporary basis.  In September of that year, I “temporarily” adopted a 4 ½ year old cat named Baby Bop.  I immediately changed her name to Sasha – I had actually picked that name out for Alex before I got him but he ended up being a boy.  I have a picture in here of the day she came to my house – you can tell she is much better fed now!  There is also a picture of her son Bailey (who is my sister’s cat).  Sasha and Bailey are both Manx’s. Most of her kittens were born without a tail so we do know that she was not a man-made Manx.  She was turned from an outdoor to an indoor cat and only tried to escape once, right after I first got her.  Sasha is now 17 years old and still very active. That’s a lot of words for Wordless Wednesday!


Alex and Sasha

Alex and Sasha


Alex and Sasha










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