Superpower Day: Healer

WEGO Health April 2012 Day 3

The question for day three of the Wego Health Writer’s Challenge is “If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it?” How easy is that! Two simple words: Healer – CURE!  I guess I will sound greedy here, but I don’t just want a cure for diabetes, I want a cure for all diseases. I doubt that a two word answer is what Wego Health had in mind for a writer’s challenge post, so I guess I should write more than two words.

When I first got the prompts for the month, I started trying to write some of them, including this one. I have an elderly neighbor that is a Type 2 so was telling her about it. I did have the fist paragraph written when I talked to her and said that I could answer in two words: Healer – CURE. She said that knowing me, she guessed that would be what I would say.

I can’t imagine that too many health activists would not want to find a cure, regardless of the disease. My blog’s focus is diabetes and complications because that is the thing that impacts me the most. Diabetes has also touched others in my family. My grandmother, two aunts, a cousin, my brother and myself all have diabetes – a combination of both Type 1 and Type 2. My cousin that was Type 1 died because of heart problems. My brother also had a heart attack. I always thought that the diabetes came down thru my grandmother (my mother’s mother) because she had it, two of her daughters had it and three of her grandchildren had it.

I have also lost four aunts and uncles to cancer. Last year, I lost my good friend Dave to cancer. I have several friends that are dealing with cancer themselves or have lost a family member to cancer. I have seen a lot of people say that diabetes is the worst disease ever. I don’t believe that. I know exactly how hard diabetes is to live with. I also live with complications of diabetes. I can’t drive because of neuropathy. I have to use a walker because of neuropathy. I can’t enjoy a normal meal because of gastroparesis. I have woken up to EMTs over me because of a bad low. I have had laser surgery for retinopathy. But I have also lived for 28 years with this disease and none of my relatives or friends that died because of cancer had 28 years to live. If I was given the choice of living with diabetes or dying from cancer, I would pick diabetes, even with living with complications from it. I am sure people dying from cancer would pick the same.

Even though I have lived with the worst of this crappy disease, I also know first hand that there are far worse diseases out that that people die from. I don’t want to just pick diabetes as the disease that gets healed. I want to cure everyone from every disease!

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2 thoughts on “Superpower Day: Healer

  1. Hi Kelly,

    I also just lost a friend. She was diagnosed with Type-2 about 10 years ago. Last year after years of good numbers her numbers started to spike to the 300 -400+ range. She was finally put on MDI therapy.
    She did well but this fall she started to have other problems and was finally diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She went very quickly. She was such an alive, vital person that it’s hard to believe she’s gone. I vote for a cure for all disease.


    • Sorry about your friend Lizzy. Having watched people suffer with cancer and some go quickly, I think going quickly is the better way to go. With my relatives that died, 2 went quickly and 2 really lingered. It has been a year since my good friend died and it is still hard to believe that he is gone. Unfortunately, you will still have that feeling for awhile.

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