Ekphrasis Post: A Rollercoaster Ride

The subject for Day 5 of the Wego Health Writer’s Challenge is:  “Ekphrasis Post. Go to flickr.com/explore and write a post inspired by the image. Can you link it to your health focus?”

The Flickr picture that I originally thought about using was copyrighted – so much for that idea.  The next day, I went to look at pictures again and one of the first pictures that came up was a picture of my friend, FatCatAnna of Diabetes1 and I knew exactly what kind of picture I wanted to search for.  Anna’s Facebook Page is The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes.  Although the picture that came up was an actual picture of Anna and not a rollercoaster, seeing her made me think of a rollercoaster.  Thank you for the idea Anna!

Wildcat at Hershey Park

This particular picture is of the Wildcat at Hershey Park.  Since I lived outside of Harrisburg and Hershey is also outside of Harrisburg, going to Hershey Park was an annual event.  Coasters were a top ride.  One summer when my sister and I went, I thought I broke a rib on the Wildcat.  I think I hurt for about a month after we were there.  When we were leaving that night, I said you know you are getting old when you come running in here in the morning then feel like you have to be carried out on a stretcher when you leave.  It was a very long walk to the car that night!

My favorite coasters are the old wooden ones – nice and bumpy and lots of hills.  Just like diabetes!  I doubt that there are many of us that haven’t felt like we are on a coaster sometimes with our blood sugar.  You have those lows followed by the highs, then you over correct and end up low again.  Sometimes you go high because you are sick or you have bad insulin.  Sometimes you go low because you are eating something different and SWAGed wrong.  Sometimes your blood sugar goes whacky because the wind changes a different direction.

Sometimes the coasters are straight up and down.  This one was taken when I was taking an antibiotic for a UTI – it was a week of straight up and down.

Dexcom Rollercoaster


Sometimes it is a nice smooth ride.

Dexcom 24 hour


Sometimes it is a bumpy ride but the hills aren’t really that bad.

Dexcom Low


And sometimes, you know you are in for a ride!

Dexcom Double Low

Please visit Wego Health’s Facebook page to see other Health Activists’ Ekphrasis posts.

Wego Health Activists Writing Challenge Day 5


4 thoughts on “Ekphrasis Post: A Rollercoaster Ride

  1. Nicely done! I struggled with this day’s post, but did the best I could. I really didn’t understand flickr, and finally searched the Ekphrasis post, and saw a few pictures of stick figures. I saw one of a sculpture by Rodin, and though it didn’t have Ekphrasis anywhere in the description, I went with it. Maybe you’ll check it out: http://terrysthoughtsandthreads.blogspot.com

    Does anyone know who Ekphrasis is?

    • Thank you Terry! I just read your post and thought it was great! I don’t think Ekphrasis is an actual person, but just a term used to describe art (although I could be wrong on that!). At least when I Googled it, a person did not actually come up.

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