Best Doctor’s Visit

Today’s prompt for Day 6 of the Wego Health Activist Writer’s Challenge was to write a haiku.  I decided to use one of the early bird prompts instead.  The prompt that I picked is, “Best Doctor’s Visit or Hospital Stay. What made it the best? The news you got? The nurse/doctor/surgeon you saw? The results?”

DoctorThat is easy!  That doctor’s visit was in March of 2007.   Two years prior to that visit, I developed a diabetic foot ulcer.  About six months into that ulcer, I landed in the hospital and found out that I had osteomyelitis.  Osteomyelitis is an infection that has set into the bone.  While in the hospital, I picked up MRSA.  About another six months after that, I did not feel like my wound was getting any better and I was extremely frustrated with the wound center I was going to locally.  I decided to switch to doctors in Pittsburgh.

On March 10, 2006, I lived thru the scariest day of my life.  I had surgery on my foot.  Prior to the surgery, the surgeon called me a challenge.  My bone had turned to mush and I also broke it about a month before.  He did not know how much, if any, of my foot he would be able to save.

The day after surgery, he came into my hospital room at Ohio Valley General Hospital and talked to me about the surgery I had.  He had removed the bone in the inner part of my heel.  He compared it to taking the seats and everything out of a car and only having the frame left.  Once they were 100% sure the infection was gone, he would do a bone graft.

The first thought that popped into my head when he was talking to me was if I would be able to use my treadmill again.  In my younger years, I used to run and I loved using my treadmill, even if I couldn’t go as fast as I used to be able to.  My rule on asking questions is don’t ask the question if you did not want to hear the answer.  I did not want to hear that I would not be able to use my treadmill again.  As long as he did not tell me that I wouldn’t be able to use it again, I was able to believe that it would still be a possibility.

It took another year after that surgery for my foot to heal 100%.  Those two years from start to finish were very long.

In January, 2007, my wound was very small.  I had an appointment with my doctor that day and when I got to his office, he was sick and his partner was covering for him.  I found out that day that his partner had assisted with my surgery.  He also grew up in a town very close to where I did – his wife was actually from my hometown.  At that point, I still was not putting weight on my foot.  When the partner talked to me, he said that my foot was unstable and I should not be out moving around it on it.  He said, “No Logan Valley Mall.  No WalMart.”

I was very upset after I left there that day.   When I saw my regular doctor (the one that did the surgery) in March, 2007, I brought up what his partner told me.  He of course turned it around that I misunderstood what his partner told me – there was no misunderstanding, I knew exactly what was said.

TreadmillAlthough I was annoyed at how he handled that discussion, I decided that was the day that I would ask about the treadmill.  If my foot was now 100% closed and was not unstable like his partner said, then there was no reason not to ask the question.

He said YES!  He said that he would prefer I did not use the treadmill because of my balance problems, but as far as my foot went, there was no reason not to.  I felt like I hit the lottery that day!

And yes, I came home that night and plugged my treadmill in.

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Wego Health Activist Writer’s Challenge Day 6


2 thoughts on “Best Doctor’s Visit

  1. This post made me smile!!!! Hearing everything you went through and conquered, and reading of you screwing up your courage to ask That Questions is so inspiring.

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