Is There a Study For That?

For Day 7 of the Wego Health Writer’s Challenge, we get to pick our own topic.  On Tuesday, I read a post on Diabetes Mine about carbs and fat.  The post was a guest post written by Jessica Apple of A Sweet Life.    Jessica wrote about Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, author of Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution in her article and several of the  commenters also discussed Dr. Bernstein (including me).   One of the commenters asked if Dr. Bernstein had done any actual research or just published consumer books.  There are studies out there showing the benefits of low carb.

Like any study, you can take it leave or it.  Although I do like to see studies, I also know that a study is not the end all as to whether something will benefit me or not.  When I brought up the Joslin study that said:

 those individuals almost never showed any worsening of eye disease after the first 17 years.

EyesMy eye doctor said that those studies are good unless you are that one person that is the one that ends up with a problem.  It has now been 16 years since I last had laser surgery for diabetic retinopathy, so to me, that study offers hope that I won’t have to go thru that again.  However, I also know that study is no guarantee that I won’t have problems.  I personally would much rather believe that everything is going to work out OK in the end than sit here wondering every day if I am going to end up blind.

As far as the subject that started this post, I believe that every one of us is different and we need to find what works for us.  I do lower carb because that works for me.  I tried to do as low as Dr. Bernstein suggests and that doesn’t work for me.  I also don’t want to go thru life and never have another piece of pizza or a piece of cake again like he would have you do.   My mother is cooking Easter dinner tomorrow and she makes the world’s best mashed potatoes and stuffing.  I intend to enjoy every last carb on my plate because they will be very bolus worthy!

My meter and my waistline tell me what foods are good for me and which ones cause me a problem.  I don’t need a study to tell me what I should be or should not be eating.   Someone working construction or some other physical job is going to need a lot more calories than someone like me who is very inactive.  There are cultural or religious reasons why some people eat the way they do.  Unfortunately, the high carb foods are a lot cheaper than healthier foods and when someone doesn’t have money, they can’t afford to eat very healthy.  Some people are vegetarians and don’t want to eat meat or meat products.  Some people have other health problems or allergies that effect what they eat.

Over the years, I have also seen plenty of food conversations that one person says they need to bolus for a food that sends someone else low.  I bolus for coffee, but other people can drink it without worrying about blood sugar.  A lot of people have problems with rice, but that is actually an easy food for my blood sugar.  We are all different and you need to find what works for you, not what works for me.

Find foods that work for you, your meter and your lifestyle.  Don’t worry about what some study says.   If you are that 1 in a billion person that it doesn’t work for, it won’t matter what it says anyway.

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Day 7 of the Wego Health Writer’s Challenge

4 thoughts on “Is There a Study For That?

  1. That is so true, what you said about cost. I eat at fast-food joints way too often, and it’s really hard to choose the healthier (not healthy, but healthier) option when the burger and fries costs a few bucks less and is more satisfying.

    • Scott, I remember a conversation once on a message board that some guy posted he didn’t have much money to spend on food so was buying a lot of those noodles you can get like 5 packs for a dollar. I know when I first started out on my own, money was tight and carby foods are cheaper to buy. It is expensive to eat healthy!

  2. Could not agree more!!! I can’t seem to master boulusing for a bowl of oatmeal without my blood sugar skyrocketing, but I know plenty of PWDs who have no problem with oatmeal. On the other hand, I go to my parent’s house every Sunday for my Mom’s spaghetti dinner and pasta is no problem for my blood sugar, but I know plenty of other PWDs don’t find that to be the case. I really love that usually our community is respectful of the fact that we are all different when it comes to how our diabetes reacts, and that we each need to find what works best for us.

    • I am not a big oatmeal eater – just never could figure out why people like that stuff other than in cookies. I do like spaghetti and pasta. You will have to share your tips on eating spaghetti. I am guessing my problem is more portion size though.

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