My Dream Day: Castles of Ireland

Today’s prompt for Day 14 of the Wego Health Activist Writer’s Challenge is, “My Dream Day. Describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?”

When I first started thinking about what to write for my dream day, I thought about my Ekphrasis Post and the fact that I love riding rollercoasters.  I haven’t had the opportunity to ride a rollercoaster since I moved here in the summer of 2005.  It would be fun to spend a day riding rollercoasters, BUT if I am going to have a true dream day, why not make it something that is not very likely to happen.

Heathmoor CastleFor my dream day, I would like to spend the day exploring Ireland.  I have never been there but back in my younger days, my cousin and I “almost’ went.  I chickened out.  I have a fear of flying so that makes it hard for me to get there.  My great grandparents came from Ireland.  From pictures I have seen, it looks like a beautiful country to explore.

I would spend my day with Mr. Romantic Right exploring some old castles.  There are a lot of beautiful pictures of these old Irish castles and I can only imagine what the insides look like.  We would explore some small villages and have lunch in an Irish pub.  I would try to find the towns where my great grandparents came from.  We would go to churches in these towns to see if they had birth or marriage records.  We might find some distant relatives that can act as tour guides to show us places connected to my family history.

I have never had a day like this and in order to make it happen, I would have to get over my fear of flying.



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Wego Health Activist Writers Month Day 14


4 thoughts on “My Dream Day: Castles of Ireland

  1. I sure hope your dream day come true some time. My husband wants to go to England and Ireland and so does my daughter in law. I might actually go next year with Girl Guides as a chaparone depending on my health.

    It is on my bucket List.


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