Addictions: Not Always Drugs and Booze!

Wego Health Activist Writer's Month Day 15




I decided to invoke my writer’s choice privilege for today. I have been trying to dig into some genealogy for my family. I have looked into it before but after my aunt died last month, it came back up again. My mother is the last one left that knows some of this stuff, so we need to pick her brain. Right after my aunt’s funeral, I found someone had put pictures of my great-grandparents headstones online. He had a different last name and my mother didn’t know of any connection with our family. I thought it would be a good idea to try and find him, but didn’t really look very hard for him.

On Friday, I was looking at a genealogy site and the guy that took the tombstone pictures had registered that surname with them and there was an email address for him. I sent him an email and said that I saw he had taken pictures of my great-grandparent’s headstones. He responded back and used the term, “it is addicting!” That it is. You find one little piece of information and that sends you off into another direction. I have been spending way too much time digging thru family history.

When he emailed me, he wasn’t sure if my “Mc” family was his “Mc” family or not. He said he was working on his father’s side before starting on the “Mc” side of the family. While he was in the cemetery, he took pictures of all the headstones with names that he knew were a part of his family, just in case. He submitted them to the genealogy site in case anyone like myself was looking.

He told me that he had joined and felt that it was a good resource. I had looked at that but wasn’t quite sure about putting out money to look up stuff. Yesterday, I saw that you can put a family tree on without paying so I thought that I would do that. When you put in a name that they have a potential record for, it flags it. You can’t look at the actual record without paying, but it does tell what the record is from so you might be able to find it elsewhere.

When I put in my one great-grandmother’s information, a flag popped up for her. It said the record was for a marriage in a different county in PA. I went to that counties site and the information for her matched up as far as age and birthplace in a different state. However, the husband was not my great-grandfather, it was someone else.

Later, I went to pull up one of the kids from a census I had looked at last year. I didn’t notice that the oldest daughter was listed as step-daughter. I guess I just “assumed” it was a daughter because they had the same last name and didn’t look at that part of the record.

Of course when I talked to my mother this morning, she already knew all that! She said the first husband was killed in an accident. I also could not find anything on one of my grandfather’s sisters and my mother said that they thought Edna was this older daughter and she started going by her middle name – the older daughter did have a middle initial of E. Once I changed her middle name to Edna on, her married name popped up and also a son’s name. More names to chase down!

Instead of writing my post for today, I spent most of today looking up more stuff. I think I found a connection between my great-grandfather and the grandfather of the guy that took the “Mc” family pictures. I believe that they were brothers so we are probably from the same “Mc” family!

I also sent some of the sites that I found to look up information on to a friend and she started looking up her family history and is also addicted. Once you start, you can’t stop!

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