My Fake Pinboard

Today’s prompt for Day 16 of the Wego Health Activist Writer’s Challenge is, “Pinboard. Create a pinterest board for your health focus. Pin 3 things. What did you pin? Share the images in a post and explain why you chose them.”

I setup an account at Pinterest for this post but I haven’t done anything with it yet nor have even “looked” to figure out what to do there. I had a good laugh today when a friend said that I seemed “distracted and scattered” lately! I have been being pulled in too many different directions lately so decided to take the easy way out with this post and not bother with Pinterest. I figured I would pick out 3 pictures that I already have and go from there.

I picked the Dexcom saying low for my first picture. For those people that don’t have a Dexcom, your blood sugar has to be below 40 for it to say low. And yes, I treated the low before taking a picture! Being low is no fun. I don’t feel most of my lows, so the Dexcom helps catch them before I get too low. Even with the Dexcom though, if you are dropping fast, you can still end up “low.”

Dexcom Low

When you are low, you need to treat the low with something that will bring your blood sugar up fast. Smarties actually have the same ingredients as glucose tablets but are a lot cheaper. And sometimes with lows, you get the munchies – hopefully I won’t ever eat all of these!


My cat has her own way of letting me know she wants fed. She doesn’t really understand when you are low, you can’t get to where her food is to feed her.



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Wego Health Activist Writers Month Day 16





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