Snow, Eyes and Foot

A little bit of everything! I decided to use my two, “get of posts free” cards for Sunday and Monday. Today is the first day that my eyes have not been blurry after having the laser on Friday. After I wrote about my eye appointment, I learned another little tidbit, not from my eye doctor but from a fellow member of the DOC. Minnesota Nice wrote in the comments that she had a secondary cataract removed. After I Googled that term, it appears that was what mine was also but my eye doctor did not use that term. The DOC is the best!

Over the weekend, people were saying that we were going to get some snow. I figured flurries – it is the end of April after all! Yesterday morning when I woke up, I heard on the news that Indiana County got hit really bad – Indiana County is close to where I live. Even after hearing that, I was surprised when I opened the door to take the dog out – we had several inches then and it kept coming down most of the day. We had about 8 inches total. I think old man winter was confused!

April Snowstorm

I was fortunate that I didn’t lose power. Today was a little warmer and some of it started melting already. The dog was happy when we were out this evening and he found a little bit of grass. It is supposed to be in the 50s the next couple days so it will probably all be gone by Friday. I had all my winter stuff put away and I refuse to get it back out.

One day last week, I discovered a small sore on my bad foot. I actually noticed some blood on my sock when I went to pull it off before seeing my foot. I don’t know what I did for sure, but one day, I stepped on the controls to the electric blanket. I had stuck it under the bed and it was coming out. I “guess” that is what caused the problem.

I called the doctor’s office to see if I could get an appointment for when I was in Pittsburgh on Friday but couldn’t. I can’t see him until next week. The receptionist had me talk to the nurse and she told me to put Neosporin on it twice a day and to stay off of it. If it looks like it is infected, to give them a call.

The sore itself is very small – smaller then a dime. I thought it looked more like a small bruise and I couldn’t even figure out where it was bleeding – it is still continuing to bleed some. My sister is a nurse and she also said it looked like a bruise. That actually looks smaller, but now the dry skin near the spot broke open. Now I have two sores on my foot. The skin that cracked open is “the” spot that took forever to close from my big wound.

I am using my walker in the house now so I don’t put weight on it when I walk. As much as I fall, I should probably do that anyway! My sister and her husband stopped and brought my wheelchair downstairs so I can move around more and stay off my foot. The poor dog was shaking when he saw that – I guess it brings back some bad memories.

 Wego Health Activist Writers Month  Day 24

4 thoughts on “Snow, Eyes and Foot

  1. I’m sending some happy healing thoughts to your foot – I’m so glad you are taking such good care of it and I hope all goes well when the doctor looks at it. Oh, and sorry about all that snow – it’s just not right when we should have Spring weather instead!!

      • Hoping that your foot heals – I don’t want to be reading about the same probs you had before with your foot! Really – people have already started planting their flowers in garden? Where I live here in Montreal – the planting day is always Victoria Day w/e in May (Canadian holiday – I think you call it Memorial Day in the US). There are always chances of frost, etc. at this time of the year.

      • Thanks Anna! I don’t want to be writing about the same problems either! At least this time, I do have a very good doctor, so once I get to see him, things should go smooth. Yes, we have had people planting already. I have planted stuff late April before too but luckily did not do that this year. Memorial Day is the end of May so that is late to be planting stuff! Although you are right, there is always a chance of frost. I know we have had flurries the end of April before.

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