Nova Max Plus

Nova Max BoxBack in March, I wrote about seeing an article discussing the Nova Max Plus being rated as a very accurate meter. I was thinking about trying it and Scott E said that he used the predecessor and it was not very consistent. I thought I would get a box of strips to try it out anyway. When it was time to place my strip order, I got one box of the Nova Max strips along with my Aviva test strips. I don’t think I had the strips yet when I saw an article on D-Mom that Nova Max was a new advertiser  for her and they were offering a free meter.

UPS dropped off the meter last week and I just opened it up today. I am glad that they shipped it UPS. I don’t know what happened to my regular mail lady but someone else is delivering the mail. I have only received mail twice in the past 1 ½ weeks and one of those times, it was my neighbor’s mail not mine. If they had shipped the meter regular mail, I never would have seen it.

The meter came with a bunch of stuff in the box – the meter, a case, 10 glucose test strips, 2 ketone test strips, a lancing device and 10 lancets, control solution (LOL!), plus all the paper stuff they stick in.

Nova Max Plus


I did my first test at 5:43:

AccuChek Aviva and Nova Max Plus


The second test was at 6:24:

AccuChek Aviva and Nova Max Plus


I think Scott was right!

I did do a third one about 5 minutes later and I was 174 on the Aviva and stayed at 166 on the Nova Max Plus so at least it did stay put.

I always say the true test with a meter is how well it reads lows – amazingly, there are a lot that don’t read lows very well. Doing 3 tests isn’t really enough to get a feel for a meter so I will do some more.

There are a couple things that I don’t like about the meter. There is no backlight and the display is hard to read. The Aviva doesn’t have a backlight either but the display is very bright. There is also no “off” button. You have to wait 2 minutes for it to automatically shut off. That is a waste of batteries! I think most of us go thru so many batteries with our devices that we try to not waste them.

When I first checked with them before getting strips or the meter, they said they have software available (it was not listed on their website) but it does not work on Windows 7.  Of course, I have Windows 7!

The other thing is probably just being picky on my part, but once your reading comes up on the screen, you have to turn the meter a different direction to be able to read the display. Obviously whoever designed that one was never low and trying to test their blood sugar!

AccuChek Aviva and Nova Max Plus

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4 thoughts on “Nova Max Plus

  1. Remember, the FDA allows a 20% difference and it’s still “accurate.” A BG of 200 could come up as 160 or 240 and still be deemed accurate. They say the only true way to know if a meter is accurate is to have them test it in the lab next time you do bloodwork.

    I’ll be interested to see how you like it as a blood ketone meter. It uses less blood than the Precision Xtra for ketones.

    • Thanks Leighann! I plan to take it with me when I go for labs in June. I hope the FDA changes that 20% ruling. I am anxious to try the ketone strips but hopefully won’t need to try it out too soon.

  2. Actually, the numbers I see above wouldn’t be enough to really turn me away! But it’s only two results, and based on this alone, I really can’t tell which meter is accurate and which is not. With the BD, there have been times I’ve double- and triple-checked, either using blood from the same fingerstick or one right after, and didn’t know if I should be preparing to treat a low (78) or treat a high (148). I think that moment, when I didn’t feel quite right and wanted to know why, is when I dusted off the old OneTouch.

    The OneTouch series, by the way, also puts the strip port on the top (except for the UltraMini, where it’s on the side). I prefer it that way, probably just because I’m accustomed to it. When I test, I bring my finger to the meter, not the meter to my finger, so it makes sense that way. No flipping it around to read the result.

    • I agree Scott, the above wasn’t enough to turn me away! I am going to at least use up the box of strips I ordered, but this morning did kind of help me form an opinion. I tested and was 69 and then retested and was 47. That one was way too much of a difference – and I did wash my hands first because I just had coffee.

      The Ping remote used One Touch strips and they were on the top and no turning to read it. I am like you and put my finger to the meter – I leave the meter sitting on something and then put my finger up to it.

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