Foot Appointment

Fort Pitt TunnelLast week I wrote about having a small ulcer on my foot. Yesterday, we made the trek to Pittsburgh to see the doctor. The doctor I see is a GP but specializes in wound care. I first met him at the wound center I went to in Pittsburgh. He was one of the doctors in HBO. He is one of those really good doctors that you wish everyone could have a doctor like him. He is worth making the trip to see and he has patients coming to see him from a lot further than I travel.

After I made the appointment, the skin on the bottom of my foot got very dry. I do use a good moisturizer every day but I seem to be going thru another dry spurt. Even my eyes are really dry again. The little spot on the left of the dry part was what I called to make the appointment for. At first, it looked more like a small bruise than an ulcer. After I made the appointment, the dry skin took over!

Foot ulcer and dry skin

My doctor said that it was caused from a blister under a callous. He said if a callous gets too thick, you can get a blister under it. He told me that if I notice a callous that is getting thick, not to wait for my next appointment but to call and come in to get it taken care of. He opened it up and cleaned it out. He used the word “tunneling” and I cringed when I heard that. When I had the big wound, it tunneled thru my foot so that is now one of those evil words to me!

I don’t know the name of the medicine that he uses, but it does do a good job in getting wounds closed. The bad part that I don’t like is he put a retention bandage on that I have to leave on until I see him at the end of next week. I am not allowed to get it wet. I told him my feet are going to stink! I have to stay off of it but he expects that it will be healed when I see him the next time.

I didn’t think to bring my blue surgical shoe with me to my appointment. He didn’t wrap it too thick so I could get my regular shoe on. I was exhausted when we got home last night so went to bed early. When I took my shoe off, the bottom of my sock was all bloody. I put two more gauze pads over the bandage he put on and then wrapped more gauze around it. Since I have been having the allergy problems, I had to switch to latex and spandex free socks and they are a tad on the expensive side to ruin (like $10 a pair!). I ended up not using a sock last night – luckily the weather is getting warm again.

Pittsburgh May 1 2012

Pittsburgh May 1 2012



12 thoughts on “Foot Appointment

  1. Well, Kelly how did u do at the docs? Just got back from my doc. Said there is more skin growth.(good sign) and another go-round of Cipro. got a callous on my othr foot but said no ulcer underneath. dont hafta go back for 3 weeks. Progress,Yeah…Hope ur Ok…(Forget i Said THAT)..signed Borderline basket case….(Joe)))) 🙂

    • My appointment is actually tomorrow Joe. Check your email for a picture. I had to take my bandage off yesterday because it was coming apart. That is great you don’t have to go back for 3 weeks! It does feel like you are making progress when you get a little break like that. I am OK and you aren’t a basket case!

  2. ugh…havent been checking in -in double ugh.Sorry to read. ….my intended good wishes and all that Karma BS from the angels seems to have boomer-ranged . blame it on me i feel bad…was gonna say (wishing you the best –but aint gonna say diddly-doo). 😦 JOE

    • Joe, your good intentions did NOT boomerang! I am not going to blame it on you. I think this will heal up fast – I am starting off with a good doctor, so that is going to make a huge difference. Having this happen also helped me make a decision (I guess you could say the foot didn’t actually help me make the decision, it made it for me). I know everything will work out in the end!

      • NOT gonna say a darn thing…or send ya no darn wishes that could boomer-rang %#@&* ….GET WELL KELLY…..U R my Light…

      • It is not going to boomerang Joe! I am looking at the bright side and am going to get things done that I sit down to do. Everything happens for a reason!

  3. Last summer I got a blister under a callous on the medial side of my big toe. It hurt like heck. If it happens again I guess I won’t take it so lightly.
    My former podiatrist left the practice and the new lady I saw a couple of weeks ago was much more thorough. I passed the filament test, but could not feel the vibration of the tuning fork.
    After seeing more than one amputation during my 14 months on dialysis, I will never, ever take foot are lightly.

    • After what I went thru from dry skin before, I try to encourage everyone to not take foot stuff lightly Kathy! I am glad the new one was more thorough. At least you passed the filament test.

  4. Glad to hear you have a wonderful doctor, and it sounds like he did a great job in getting your foot taken care of. I’ll send healing thoughts and hope that it will be much better by the time you have your next appointment!!

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