Slightly More Expensive

The first time that I went to the wound center in Pittsburgh back in March of 2006, they gave me a sample of some moisturizing cream. That cream was Elta. I called my pharmacy to see about ordering it. They were able to get it but at the time, they could only get the 1 pound container of it and it was a little over $20. It is a really good cream and I have been ordering it from the same pharmacy for the last six years. One container lasts awhile. The price has gone up some and the last time I ordered it, it was $25.99.

On Monday, I called my pharmacy to order some. My mother went yesterday to pick it up and called me after she got home. In the past, they were only able to get the one size so I never had to tell them which size I wanted. When my mother went to pick up the cream yesterday, it was a small container. She picked it up because she knew that I needed to get it and she told me that she ordered the larger one. She told me that she paid $12 for the small container, so I “thought” it was going to be a half pound container.

My sister works down the road from where I live so she dropped it off for me today on her lunch break.

Elta Swiss Moisturizing Cream


The 16 ounce container was $25.99 the last time I ordered it and the 3.8 ounce container as $12.23. If I had ordered 4 of the 3.8 ounce containers, it would have cost me 48.92 and I would only have 15.92 ounces. Two of the 16 ounce containers would cost me $51.98 and I would have 32 ounces. I wonder which one is the better deal!

Something is not quite right with that!



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