Full Moons and Blood Sugar

Dancing in moon

When I first joined the DOC, there were often jokes about there being a full moon or high tide or something when a bunch of people would have whacky blood sugar for no reason.

This week on the news, they have been talking a lot about this weekend’s full moon – it is going to be a Super Moon. The moon will be closer to the Earth than any other time this year so it will appear larger and brighter. This will happen at 11:35 PM EST on Saturday night. I also heard this morning that it might not be too visible in the east because of clouds – we have been having storms move thru almost every day.

I can’t say that I have ever actually noticed whacky blood sugars around the time of a full moon, but I am always game to blame it on that if it should happen. Have to find something to blame after all! So if you find yourself having some whacky blood sugars this weekend, just blame it on the moon.

Dancing is good for your blood sugar, so it might be a great night for dancing under the moon!  I can’t do that this weekend because of my foot so I will have to wait until next year’s Super Moon.




8 thoughts on “Full Moons and Blood Sugar

  1. I don’t know if its the moon or what, but it does seem like there is some outside influence that keeps us in sync. February 29 was great for so many of us, and the past few days have been lousy.

    • I agree that something does keep us in sync Scott! One thing that I really like about the DOC is when you are having a bad day, you log in and see 200 other people are having the same bad day. Although not good that we have bad days, at least we know we aren’t alone!

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