Pulling the “I Am Diabetic” Card

Sometimes bounces back at you!

I usually try not to pull that card too often, but sometimes it is just an easy out for something. The timing of it was actually pretty funny. Yesterday morning I was sitting at my computer reading some blogs that I follow. I was reading David Edelman’s post on Diabetes Daily, The Sugar Myths, when someone knocked on my door.

After I picked the dog up so he didn’t run off, I opened the door and two guys were standing there. One of the guys pointed to their truck in the parking lot and asked if I was familiar with Schwan’s. If you are not familiar with Schwan’s, they have a big yellow truck that drives around delivering food. When I was a kid, my aunt used to always buy ice cream from them so I grew up knowing who they were.

PoliceThat is when I decided to pull the “I am diabetic” card and said I couldn’t eat their stuff because of being diabetic. Yes, I know I can eat that stuff and I also would have been really ticked if the diabetes police had been standing there telling me I couldn’t eat it. I didn’t want to be rude and it was the first thing that popped into my head. There are a lot of things I can’t eat because of gastroparesis, but I doubt the guy had ever heard the word gastroparesis before.

Unfortunately, not wanting to be rude didn’t last very long. He came back with “we have a lot of sugar free foods.” This is where I wished I had a little hidden camera running. My response to them having sugar free foods was, “sugar free foods are crap.” It just kind of came out because that is what I was thinking while reading David’s article. The look on his face was priceless and I wished I had been able to take a pic of it!

I personally hate sugar free foods – they cause too many stomach issues for me. One of my aunts used to always buy me sugar free stuff every year for Christmas. She was someone that would get insulted if you tried to explain to her so it just ended up in the trash. A lot of times, “sugar free’ also has to be “fat free” (heaven forbid a diabetic actually have sugar or fat) and it has more carbs than the stuff with real sugar.

In retrospect, I know that using diabetes as an excuse wasn’t good because we work so hard to try and dispel myths of what we can and can’t eat. I have never had anyone knock on my door trying to sell me food before like that and he caught me off guard. In the future, I will just tell them I have food allergies, which I do. That is something that they would hopefully understand. I really doubt that Schwan’s will be knocking on my door anytime in the near future. They probably have me labeled “crazy diabetic woman thinks sugar free foods are crap.”

8 thoughts on “Pulling the “I Am Diabetic” Card

  1. Oh yeah – I’ve had the sorbitol “reaction” a couple of times. And on of them, unfortunately, was on a car trip…….
    I pulled the d-card when on jury duty. Well, I was being truthful. I was excused as soon as they found out I took insulin.

    • Having it hit during a car trip is horrible timing Kathy! I also pulled it for jury duty but I did tell them I could do jury duty, I just needed to be able to test, take insulin and treat lows.

  2. I was so happy when I found sugar fee candy in the 1940s. I was never allowed to have candy, or anythibg else, containing sugar. I loved the sugar free candy for many years, and did not find out about carbs until 43 years after my diagnosis. I stopped eating sugar free candy and cookies in the 1990s. Some people have a bad reaction to the sorbitol, manitol, etc in sugar free candy. It did not bother me, so I enjoyed them. Now I eat some sugar sweetened candy, but only when I am goig to get a lot of exercise afterwards. I am now headed outside to climb a ladder and sand and paint part of my house. I think I will have a small ice cream cone beforehand.

    • Richard, having the sugar with exercise is a good way to prevent the highs. I used to eat something sweet before going running to help keep my BS up. I hope your ice cream was good!

  3. When someone knocks on your door, unsolicited, you’re free to respond however you like — no restrictions. Playing the diabetes card? That’s fine. I’ve even heard about people telling door-to-door travelers that they work for a competing TV-service provider, are vegetarian, are a minister at their church (OK, lying about being clergy might cross a few ethical lines). But these are, what I call “little white lies”. No one gets hurt, no one gets insulted. No one even wastes time trying to change your mind, because it’s futile. Sounds like a reasonable approach to me.

    • Thanks Scott! I do like the no restrictions part. I just hate using the sugar free one because so many people try to convince other people sugar free stuff is not necessary and I don’t want to keep spreading that myth. But I do like the competing provider one, even if it is a white lie!

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