Bad Foot Day – NOT!

Last week, I wrote about the foot appointment I had in Pittsburgh for the new sore on my foot. I was supposed to keep the dressing on that he put on my foot until I saw him again yesterday.  Well, when I went to get my shower on Wednesday, I noticed that the bandage he had put on was coming undone and you could see about an inch long “wound” sticking out.

Man wrapped in gauzeIn the article I wrote last week, I mentioned putting my own bandaging around the one my doctor put on because of blood seeping thru the bandages.  My allergies decided to rear their ugly head again and on Tuesday, I took the bandages that I put on off and only had his on.  After seeing the way his bandage was coming undone on Wednesday, I took his off and used my own bandages.

When I saw the bottom of my foot on Wednesday, I cried.  He told me that he thought for sure my foot would be healed when I came back this Friday.  I decided to merge the picture that I posted in last week’s article with the new picture.  The one on the left side was taken May 1st, the day I went to the doctor and the one on the right was taken May 10th.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

My foot was not going to be healed by my appointment on May 11th!

I was also worried that they would be upset with me for taking the bandage off when I was supposed to leave it on.  I have a very good relationship with this doctor and did not want to “ruin” it!  When the nurse took me back to an exam room and I told her, she said that it was good that it made it that long.  At any rate, they weren’t upset with me!

When the doctor came in, he said that he thought for sure it would be healed by then.  He then said something that surprised me – there was only a little spot left that did not heal.  WTF, does he need glasses?  The area that looked like a big sore was actually my skin being discolored from the silver nitrate he put on.  When he said that I had a blister under a callous, I thought that he meant the little spot that was on my foot that kind of started this mess.  I did not realize the blister he was talking about was actually where I thought the dry skin was popping open.  Oops!

He put another bandage on with his magic wound healing stuff.  He also put some foam around it so I can walk without worrying about putting weight on it.  I am supposed to leave this bandage on for one week and then see him in about 3 weeks.  He said it should be healed for sure when I see him again.

First aid kitOn a side note here, after this experience, I am pretty sure that my sister is right and I am allergic to latex.  I started having problems with the bandages and when I replaced those with latex free bandages, the problems went away.   Who knew latex was in bandages – OK, now I know that, but I didn’t realize that before.  When I started looking at the boxes of the stuff I had, some were marked latex free and some weren’t.  The ones that aren’t are all gathered up to give away.  Now I have to start reading labels on bandaids!


2 thoughts on “Bad Foot Day – NOT!

  1. Kelly, I am sorry that the sore has not healed. Since it is on the bottom of your foot, I hope you are not putting any pressure on it. There is a man I know who has a really bad sore on his foot. He is type 2, and has a special device for getting around. It is a kind of scooter, and he puts his knee in the saddle-like top, while his sore foot hanging behind the saddle. The device has wheels and it rolls along while he walks with the other foot. It is kinda neat. He had taken a vacation to some island resort and walked the beaches barefooted. You never know what is in the sand, and something cut his foot. That was at least 6 weeks ago, and the sore is still not healed.

    I am betting that your sore heals just fine. I am also allergic to the adhesive on some tape I use with my infusion sets. I rub “Skin-Prep” on tge area before applying the tape. There is no problem now.

    • Thanks Richard. I wasn’t putting weight on until yesterday when he put something on the bandage to give support and protect it. He said it would be OK to walk on it now. I heard about that scooter thing when a friend’s son broke his foot. I saw one at the grocery store a couple weeks ago. I wish I would have had that thing when I went thru my foot wound. I hope your friend has a good doctor – if he wants to come to Pittsburgh, I know a really, really, really good one there! That doctor actually has people coming from all over the place to see him.

      I hearing more & more allergy stories with the adhesive stuff. Good to know that the skin prep helps with that!

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