Find a Friend

For the kick off of Diabetes Blog Week, we are supposed to write about a blog that we love that others might not know about. I guess I flunked this first topic because I couldn’t pick just one! I am the person that has at least two of everything in different colors. I made a list of people that started blogging after last year’s D-Blog Week and narrowed it down – then tried to keep it short because everyone has a lot of reading to do today!

First is my friend Natalie. Natalie and I first started talking on TuDiabetes and she is one of the handful of d-friends that I have talked to on the phone. Natalie blogs at The Odd Duck Out and is also a member of the Diabetes Advocates. Natalie went thru one of those horrible hospital experiences that we cringe at when we read about. More recently, Natalie has written about her struggles with an eating disorder.  If you haven’t been over to Natalie’s blog yet, take a few minutes to check it out!

Next up is my friend Richard Vaughn. Richard has lived with Type 1 for over 60 years. Richard blogs at Richard’s Rambling Review. Even if you have not discovered Richard’s blog yet, he participates in several message boards so I am sure you have come across him somewhere. Richard participates in the Joslin Medalist Study and has some interesting stories to share about that. Richard also wrote a book, Beating The Odds: 64 Years of Diabetes Health. I think a lot of us that were diagnosed even 30 years ago were told we would only live 20 years, so Richard has obviously done something right!

I also wanted to give honorable mention my friend Scott E, who blogs at Rolling in the D and also to Jen, who blogs at Blood Drops & Braille Dots.

You can read more Find a Friend posts here. Thank you to Karen at Bitter~Sweet for sponsoring Diabetes Blog Week!






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