Bad Foot Appointment

DoctorOn Friday, I made a trip to Pittsburgh for the ulcer I have had on my foot since the end of April.  When I was there three weeks ago, he said that all but one small spot was healed.  He put some foam around it and said it was OK to walk on it.  I was supposed to leave the bandage on for one week to a week and a half.  I left it on the full time.  When I had taken the bandage off before my appointment three weeks ago, I thought my foot was worse because the silver nitrate had discolored my skin.  This time, I didn’t panic when I saw my foot.

When the doctor looked at my foot, he said that it was actually bigger than it was the time before.  This time, he used the word “offloading,” which means to stay off of your foot.  I guess I am so used to doctors that point the finger at you doing something wrong, I immediately reminded him that he said it was OK for me to walk on it and I had been walking on it.

He wasn’t trying to point the finger at me, he was just saying why staying off your foot is important.  Then he said something that really surprised me – he said that he underestimated the ulcer on my foot!  How many doctors do you know that would actually admit that?  Any other doctor I have seen would have twisted things around and say that I misunderstood them about walking on it.

Needless to say, I was pretty bummed out.  I spent the whole weekend in a slump.  I was really expecting this to be finished.  Friday was a long day anyway because my cat (who I think is starting to get senile in her old age of 17 years) started howling about 4 AM.  Going to Pittsburgh makes for a tiring day anyway without starting it at 4 AM.

When he said that it was OK to walk on it, I started walking every day with the dog.  Alex isn’t quite understanding why we can’t walk now.  When I take him outside, he tries to head the direction we go for walks in.  I am taking that as a hint he wants to actually walk.

I go back again next week.  Hopefully, next week he will say that it is healed.  Besides the frustration of not being able to walk, it is getting expensive.  My co-pays are $25 and I have spent $75 since the beginning of May and next week will make $100 that I spent on my foot.  I can think of a lot of other things I could have spent that $100 on!


5 thoughts on “Bad Foot Appointment

  1. Kelly …Get ur Sh(tuff) together…now i am so worried what will happen After I heal….&%@#*& I want my life back. But Kelly…I have now seen EVEN more ppl with lost limbs to diabetes..last month it was a young guy 32 yrs from the ankle down..and boy was he Still a positive person. So far you and I are doing better than a lot of diabetics….Thanks for a doctor that Really cared for you… JOE… ( I WILL GET BETTER !) …No…WE will get Better..

  2. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the setback with your foot. 😦 I can’t imagine how discouraging it must be and I wish I could do something to make you feel better. Please know I’ll be thinking of you and hoping things are now turning around. Hugs to you!

  3. Kelly I am so sorry you are going through all this stress. I know what it feels like to be cooped up and it’s terrible, much less the worry over the foot.
    Yes, it was good of him to admit misjudgement, but it sure as heck doesn’t help the situation.
    Good thing the follow-up appt wasn’t scheduled a couple of weeks later. Things might have gotten out of hand.
    Sigh. One thing after the other. Big things, little things, and everything in between.

  4. Kelly, I am sorry to hear your foot is not better now. Staying off your foot should make it start healing again, like it did before. Alex can adjust. Why do you thing your cat howled? None of our cats ever did that unless a strange cat wondered into our yard. i am glad you do have insurance. So many diabetics don’t, and cannot afford insulin and other vital D supplies. That is a scary thought!!

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