I Have Been MIA

Yesterday I went to look for something on my blog and realized that I have not posted since June 15th – that is one long summer vacation! I have a couple things going on this week, but I am hoping to get back to normal next week. I am afraid to log into my Google Reader – it will probably explode when I open it! The other day my friend Anna sent me a message that she is behind on reading blogs and I should let her know if she missed anything important. I told her she didn’t miss anything because I didn’t write anything.

My foot is still not closed – it has been about 2 ½ months now. Needless to say, I am getting a little frustrated with that. Although it does look better, it is a long, slow process and I am ready for this to be over. I see him again on Friday so I hope that this is the last time before it is 100%.  If you want to see what it currently looks like, click here for the latest pic.

I also have an eye appointment in Pittsburgh Friday so that will be a long day.  Since Friday is also one of the two ice cream socials, we will have to stop for ice cream!

Tomorrow I am giving a talk to some fellow diabetics in my development – I mentioned that in one of the last things I wrote last month. I am supposed to talk about the different types of diabetes and carbs. I have a bunch of things that I printed out to hand out. I guess I am ready for it – I will find out tomorrow if I am not.

I made a peanut butter pie for the first time on the 4th – mine didn’t look like the one in the recipe, but it tasted pretty good. I think part of the problem was my springform pan was bigger than the recipe said to use. My mother even said that it was “really good,” so it must have tasted good. We have a family reunion coming up and the 4th was my test for making it.

Peanut butter pie

I had an appointment with my PCP on the 3rd (notice that was before the pie!). My A1c went up to 6.2 so I was bummed about that. In March, I was expecting it to go up and it was 5.7 so that was a big jump for three months. My BS has been kind of whacky lately but I didn’t think it was that bad. I think the lack of movement didn’t help matters either.

I had a problem before going to my appointment because I needed a refill on my Levemir so I called them the Friday before. I use a small pharmacy and they usually have to order stuff so I had my mother wait until late Monday afternoon to go for it – the doctor’s office did not call it in. When I got to the doctors office, the nurse said that they faxed it on Friday but she had the receptionist do it again. The receptionist came back and said it went thru. The nurse gave me the paper copy of the script, just in case. I gave the script to my mother just in case they didn’t get the fax. When she stopped, the pharmacy did not get the fax. They told her someone was trying to fax on their regular line so that was probably my doctor’s office.

I also called in a refill on syringes – I decided to keep using syringes with the Apidra SoloSTAR pens. When you try to take one unit, you only get a drop. If you take 2 units, you get the right amount. As much as I hate syringes, I was able to fine-tune things much better with them. They have a new pharmacist and he decided to substitute some WWII ones for the BD ones so those had to be exchanged.

One other thing that I have been working on is an e-book about gastroparesis. A friend of mine has been bugging me forever to write about what I went thru with my foot. I actually had a lot of that done and because someone did not back stuff up, I lost it when my computer crashed. I started writing it again but had a hard time getting back into it. My friend wrote an e-book and published it on Amazon. I didn’t know that they have a reader you can download for free to read Kindle books on. Talking to her about her stuff made me start getting back into the book again but I decided to do one on gastroparesis first. So I actually have been doing something!



14 thoughts on “I Have Been MIA

  1. Kelly-

    How are you and where are you? You used to post so frequently and I get worried when I don’t see new posts.

    How’s is your foot?

    • Sorry Laddie! This past month has been hectic with things going on and this last week, I had a stomach bug so didn’t do anything. I am “hoping” to start writing again on Monday.

      The foot is finally starting to look a little better. Dee on the ADA board was the first person to that I heard talk about honey for wounds. I read something about it in podiatry magazine and in Googling it, I found that you can actually order it on Amazon. I think that is helping. I am hoping that does the trick and it actually gets closed up for good.

  2. I take my Apidra approximately 15 minutes before eating; but I will wait 20 minutes, to see if that helps. I’ll add more fat to my meals and will also try eating ice cream with chocolate on. I inject my insulin six times daily (Apidra before meals and also Levemir, every eight hours, which is something that I learned from you). I never thought of injecting some Apidra before meals and, then, injecting a second dose of Apidra about 45 minutes later. I will definitely try that. Ice cream, here I come (maybe)! 🙂

    Thanks for the great advice, Kelly. I have only been on insulin since May 2011 and am learning a lot from you.

    • Thanks Beth – hopefully, you can get it figured out. I was a diabetic for over 20 years when I found the DOC and I knew nothing about pre-bolusing or splitting insulin!

  3. Ice cream makes my blood sugar go sky high. I can never eat it, because of that. Also, I would love to be able to eat your peanut butter pie but my blood sugar would be way too high. What am I doing wrong? I use Apidra Insulin and Levemir Insulin.

    I just stick to the extremely low-carb, Dr. Richard Bernstein diet. Most of the Atkins low-carb shakes and protein bars also increase my blood sugar, too much. Maybe I cannot ever eat ice cream (?). SIGH. 😦

    I’m on a fairly high dose of both insulins. So, increasing the units of insulin might not be a good option.

    I realize that you’re not a doctor and am not asking for medical advice. I’m just interested in your opinion and any tips that you can give. Thanks.

    BTW, we missing hearing from you! 🙂

    • Thanks Beth! I was planning on starting writing again soon. Do you pre-bolus before eating? If I don’t take my Apidra about 20 minutes before eating a lot of things, I end up high. Things with fat in are really slow for me because of the gastroparesis, so that kind of helps with some spikes. Since chocolate has fat in and helps slow digestion even in a normal stomach, have you tried eating ice cream with chocolate on? I also split my insulin out. Some people on pumps use the extended bolus to keep insulin working for certain foods but I do it the manual way with Apidra. Maybe try taking some of it up front and more about 45 minutes later.

    • Last summer, one of the diabetes youth groups in Indiana was selling ice cream to benefit their group. Wendell Fowler, a writer for one of the Indiana papers, wrote a nasty article about diabetics eating ice cream. A couple groups in Facebook started the ice cream social just to show him that we can eat ice cream. They pick a day for the event and you are supposed to eat ice cream that day and hopefully post pictures of it.

  4. Wow, lots going on!!! I hope your appointment on Friday went well and that your foot speeds up it’s healing process again!! That pie looks so good. Chocolate and peanut butter is a wonderful combo, isn’t it??

    • Thanks Karen – the foot is slowly getting there. Not fast enough though. Peanut butter and chocolate is a wonderful combo. I made the pie again last weekend for our family reunion and it went over well!

  5. I’m sure the people from your development will benefit from your talk, as well as those who read the e-book when it’s done.Kelly, you have so much to share and are a great communicator with a wealth of knowledge. I’m proud to know you!!
    Wishing you continued healing on the footsie.

  6. Glad to see you back, Kelly. I’ve been worried about you since you’re usually a frequent poster. I hope you have a good foot appointment and that your other appointments also go well.

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