EMTs, Foot, Eyes and Other Stuff

The month of July was crazy for me!  I had appointments for my foot and eyes, we had our family reunion and I made two things for that – my mother usually makes the broccoli salad but took me to Pittsburgh two days before and had plans to go to a convert the day in between so my sister and I offered to make things she normally made.  The town I live in has a community yard sale every summer and the apartment complex I live in takes donations and has a yard sale and uses the money for the kids.  I helped with that so that wore me out.  I also gave a talk on diabetes in my development and WEGO Health asked me to write about that – I had a stomach bug last week and missed when they posted it, but here is the link.

Two weeks ago, I went up to bed about 10.  I have an alarm go off at 11 so I can take my Levemir.  It is actually set for 11:05 in case I am downstairs.  I woke up but don’t really remember the alarm going off.  I picked up what I “thought” was my Levemir pen.  I normally take the needle off in the AM and put a new one on when I take it at 3.  There wasn’t a needle on and that really confused me because that meant I missed my 3 PM Levemir dose and wasn’t sure how I wouldn’t have realized that. I grabbed my meter to get a needle out and had trouble priming the pen – all that kept coming out was air.  I was getting really frustrated and just stuck it in my leg.

EMTsA little light bulb went off and I realized that maybe I should test my blood sugar.  I also realized that I had the wrong pen in my hand and it was Apidra, NOT Levemir!  Fortunately, I have been using syringes instead of the pen needles – me that hates syringes decided that I was getting better control with using them.  I still like the pens better because there is much less wasted insulin, and once you start pulling insulin out with a syringe, it messes up the plunger in the pen and the needles won’t work.  When I tested my blood sugar, I was 39. Had that pen actually worked and I was able to put 5 units of fast acting insulin in, I would really have been in trouble!

I started munching down a bunch of Smarties and started getting worried about sticking the wrong syringe in my leg.  Now that I am thinking clearly, I realize that if any insulin came out, it only would have been a dribble so shouldn’t have done too much damage.  I saw my phone and decided I should probably call 911.  The 911 operator wanted me to go downstairs to open the door – I was really afraid to do that because I have trouble on the stairs without being low, but I went down.  She stayed on the line with me and I picked up the phone down there to tell her I made it and then I went in the kitchen and grabbed a big container of juice.

When the EMTs got there, I was 30, so I am really glad that I decided to call – that was after probably 5 packs of Smarties (30 grams of carbs) and another 45 grams of carbs in the juice.  They gave me some dextrose via IV and that brought me up some more.

I have no clue what happened that night.  My Apidra was long out of my system because I last took it about 6.  My Levemir normally starts wearing off about 10 and I start going high between 10 and 11.  Who knows what happened!

Manuka HoneyFoot wise, I think things are finally starting to get better!  A couple years ago, I first started hearing about manuka honey on the ADA message board by a member from New Zealand.  Last month, I read an article in Podiatry Today about a new wound treatment, but they also mentioned manuka honey.  When I Googled both treatments, I found out that both were for sale on Amazon.  I ordered one tube of manuka honey (it was a lot cheaper than the other stuff), but then found the Medihoney one and that is the one that they use in the wound dressings.  I ordered that and it came on July 27th before the first one that I ordered so I started that one first.  I took a picture of my foot the day I started it and also one this AM.  I then combined the two and you can tell that it is helping!  You can see the comparison picture here if you want.

I saw the doctor for my foot last week and he wanted me to get some Dr. Scholl’s moleskins to put around it to help protect it.  I have been doing that, even though it is a pain.  My skin is really dry and my foot gets horrible when I skip putting cream on.  When I put the cream on, the moleskin doesn’t want to stick. If I don’t put the cream on, the moleskin sticks but then my foot looks horrible the next day.  I am trying to put the cream on and then wait about 15 minutes and that does help.  The molepads are thicker and would probably be more protection, but those have latex in so are out for me.

I also had an eye appointment on July 13th and he said my eyes were 20/30 – that is the best that I have had.  Although as he said that, the tech said “no” and pointed to something on the screen (they do the electronic stuff now and a tech comes into the room with him to put the stuff in the computer).  He didn’t take it back, so as far as I am concerned, he said they were 20/30 and that is what I am sticking with!  Normally I have been around 20/40, which isn’t bad and I only use OTC reading glasses.

I had a stomach bug last week and hardly did anything.  I logged into my checking account on Saturday and someone used my credit card again – that was just replaced in Feb.  I am starting to think the Canadian pharmacies could be a problem.  There was only a handful of places that I used this card online as opposed to the other one.  I called the after hours number and got the card cancelled.  The one charge was to American Eagle and I called them – they were a lot better to talk to than Kohl’s was!  They traced it by my card number and the package had not been shipped yet.  That one at least got foiled!  There was also a strange company with a $1 test charge – their test might have worked, but whatever they were going to charge won’t.

My brother suggested getting one of those reloadable VISA for online stuff and I think I am going to do that.  My credit union only charges $1 per reload.  I can just transfer what I need when I order something.  I don’t order that much online so that won’t bee a big deal.


8 thoughts on “EMTs, Foot, Eyes and Other Stuff

  1. Okay – the one time that I can actually read another diabetics blog (and frankly yours are the best) – I come across yours. OMG Kelly – if it doesn’t rain – it pours in your life. Thank goodness for the EMT’s (so far in my 50 years of T1D – no hunky EMT’s have been called – but am sure one day I’ll have to face them in my nightgown). I’m having a similar issue right now with a leg wound (brought on by menopause itching) – but so far – no time to go to GP with death in my family – just doing my own thing – but so far – it’s looking like it’s healing … finely. I’m with your brother on that reloadable VISA card (never heard of those before – but sound VERY good) – scary stuff that it’s happening again (ad sorry that it’s due to us folks up north yonder of you). Glad that your foot is not going the same way as it previously had Kelly!!!

    Go for it Richard – I’d be one of the folks in the crowd cheering you on. Maybe talk to ADA / JDRF group in your area – and see how you can get going. Also,local hospitals in your area might be interested. I know I’ve been approached by my local library due to my blogging I do (they follow me) – to do a speech for 2013 – and from there they say it can go province wide (and it pays as well!). Start small – go BIG!!!!

    • Anna, mine aren’t the best, but thank you for the complement! Rain seems to pour in your life too – I know you have your hands full right now. A friend of mine told her husband that if he needs to call 911 in the middle of the night, he better put clothes on her first! I don’t know if you can get the MediHoney up there in Canada, but it really helps. I bought mine on Amazon and I plan to keep some on hand to have just in case I need it in the future.

      I knew the reloadable Visa cards existed because my sister bought me one once for Christmas – she didn’t realize what it was when she got it and it wasn’t returnable. You have to be careful because some have really high fees associated with them. I didn’t mean to blame my friends up north – it could have been someone here. I haven’t used the card that many places this time. I did order stuff on Amazon and I just saw a post yesterday that someone had their number stolen a couple times after using Amazon. They have gift cards at one of my local grocery stores so for any future purchases, I will get one of those.

  2. Hi Kelly, I think I remember you. Lol! I am very pleased to hear about your foot improving now. You have been very busy and on your feet a lot. I hope that did not cause you additional problems.


    • Thanks Richard – that week or two turned into practically two months very quickly! I have been busy but not really on my feet – I was sitting when I was helping and I sat to do my talk.

      • Hi Richard,

        My dog doesn’t think sitting is good, but hopefully that won’t be for too much longer! I was lucky and the apartment development I live in had a social coordinator come in and it was her idea to have me do it – I wanted to do something like that for awhile but really had no idea how to go about doing it. I like what Anna said about checking with the library – that was my thought though. Since you have a published book, that would be a push for them say they have an author coming in to talk. If there is a coffee shop or someplace around that would work, check with them and see if they would let you do it there. You can put flyers up different places. The social coordinator here went around and put the flyers on everyone’s door so that is how we got the word out. We didn’t have a lot of people show up for the first one but the people that did went and told their friends and more are interested. I think as we have more, then the word will also spread more.

  3. Mercy, Kelly. I was worried about you for not posting and then it seemed like you were absent from Facebook and my imagination got the best of me.
    I agree that the recent foot pic looks much better. That’s great.
    So many people are having bad hypos lately, myself included, and I find it quite scary. Especially for those of us who live alone.
    When I was still employed, we’d always tell our clients to watch for the $1 test charge. I had a couple of them myself but initially thought that since it was just a dollar, no biggie. Too bad we have to scrutinize every little thing. But that reload deal sounds like something worth considering. I’ll have to check it out.
    Hope you have a good week, my dear.

    • Thanks Kathy! I didn’t mean to scare anyone. I am finally hopeful that this is going to finally go away!

      I am sorry that you had a bad low also. It does get scary when you are alone.

      One time I had a call because their was a 99 cent iTunes charge (which I did make). They said that is a common way to test out a card also. I wouldn’t give out any info to the person on the phone but called credit union and asked if it was them and then asked questions.

      There are a bunch of different ones and you need to be careful because some charge a lot of fees. My CU charges a $1 reload fee. The one at WallyWorld is $3 but it also charges a month fee 3 weeks after you start using it (I forget how much the fee was).

      I hope you have a good week also!

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