Oh Crap 399 – Oops!

Tuesday night I went up to bed about 10.  I have a dual-alarm clock that I set for 11 PM & 7 AM – two of the times that I take Levemir.  I woke up a little after 7 this morning without my alarm going off.  It didn’t go off at 11 either.  Someone forgot to set it!

I knew it was not going to be pretty, but I was NOT expecting this:

Blood sugar 399


Have I said how much I love Apidra!

Blood sugar 105


3 thoughts on “Oh Crap 399 – Oops!

  1. Not sure if Apidra is available in Canada – but if it is – wowza – sign me up. From what I can see by your photo of your after your 399 mg/dl (22 mmol/l) reading – Apridra works faster then my NovoRapid (I think you call it Novolog in the USA) – when I need to come back down from a high BG reading. Where did you inject when you did the Apidra shot to bring yourself down? Curious – as I use my upper arm area for those types of shots – they seem to bring me down faster when injections are done in that area.

    • I can’t remember if I have heard about anyone up in Canada using Apidra Anna. It isn’t really faster with regular meals but I do think when you have highs, it works wonders! I can’t remember where I did that one but I use arm, stomach, love handles and legs in the summer. I try to avoid my stomach if I can because I know I do have scar tissue there.

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