Foot Update and Stomach Bug

I got up on Sunday the 26th and felt fine for awhile, then got sick. There seemed to be a bunch of people with a stomach bug, so I guess that is what hit me also. Whatever it was lasted all week and I felt like crap all week. My BS was all over the place. I get annoyed when people tell you to change stuff, but I was waking up in the 80s every other day and 200-300 every other day. What are you supposed to change? During the day, I can test a lot and make corrections as needed, but over night is a crap shot if you want to sleep – and when you are sick, setting an alarm for 3 AM is not going to happen!

I think my dog caught whatever I had because when I woke up Sunday morning, he was not on the bed like he usually is. I called for him and just as he started coming out from under the bed, I noticed a little brown pile over by the gate (I keep a gate in the doorway at night so he has to stay in the room). As I got closer to the gate, I could see that there were 6 little piles. Fortunately, his did not last a week and he seems back to his normal self now.

I saw my doctor on the 23rd of August. He wanted me to keep my bandages on for 10 days. My foot was really sore after, so I ended up taking my bandages off on the 26th – maybe that is what made me sick! The gauze was really tight and cutting into my foot. After taking the bandages off, I saw that I had several new sores. The original ulcer actually looked better than it had. You can see the one for the 26th here.

Last Friday (the 31st), the doctors office called to reschedule my appointment – I was supposed to go next week but now have to wait to the end of the month. That same day, my foot started feeling sore again.

Sunday morning (the 2nd), I went to get my shower and when I took the bandages off, I noticed fresh blood on my hand and also dripping on the floor. It appears that the moleskin the doctor wanted me to use ripped the skin off. I didn’t take a picture until yesterday but that one is here.

When I when I went to get in the shower yesterday and took the bandages off, my foot felt warm. When I was putting new bandages on, it looked like red was coming around the side of my foot. After taking the pictures, it did look like a light red band on the left side of my foot. I was not able to tell until looking at the picture that there is still a very tiny sore in that light red area – it looks like a pin prick.

I called the doctors office and they called in an antibiotic for me. Needless to say, I am a little frustrated – this has now been going on for over five months. It should have been healed long ago and I can’t get in to see the doctor until the end of the month.

Since this has been dragging on so long, I set up a page under the Diabetic Foot Wound category called “2012 Diabetic Foot Ulcer” to add pictures to as a running roller coaster.  I do think that the MediHoney is making a difference on the original ulcer.


4 thoughts on “Foot Update and Stomach Bug

  1. I will be praying for you, Kelly. In fact, everyone who reads this should consider praying for Kelly’s foot to heal quickly.

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