Smarties Funny

My nephew Brandon has Downs. He always asks what I have in my purse and he always wants Smarties. He doesn’t really like them so will eat one Smartie and then hand the rest off to his mother.

The other week, he was at my place and wanted some Smarties. I gave him some and didn’t really expect him to eat more than one. He likes to sit at my computer and watch a slideshow of my critters. He actually ate about half of the pack of Smarties while doing that. When my mother came back and they left, he took his Smarties with him (but he dropped a couple for the dog on the way out the door).

He managed to have some left when they got back to his house, so my mother put them in a baggy for him. After my sister got home from work, she saw them sitting there and decided to tease Brandon – she told him that she was going to eat them.

I love Brandon’s response: “No, those are for my insulin!”  Smart kid!



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