Arrogant Jerk Doctors

I decided to use “Arrogant Jerk Doctors” for my title because the one I wanted to use was too long and that one fits the bill. 

I have been dealing with the ulcer on the bottom of my foot since the end of April.  Things just keep getting worse.  Something has not been right with the doctor I have been seeing the last couple months.  I first met this doctor in August, 2006 when I was doing hyperbaric oxygen treatments in Pittsburgh.  I always thought he was a good doctor and he was someone that listened to patients.  Last year, I even wrote, “I wish everyone could have a doctor like him!”  He is not someone that I ever thought I would call an arrogant jerk (and that is being nice!). 

Yesterday, I had an appointment in Pittsburgh with him and I ended up firing him.  They had rescheduled my appointment and I had not seen him since August 23rdAt the visit on the 23rd, he wanted me to keep the bandages on for 10 days.  I saw him on Thursday and by Saturday, my foot was sore so I ended up taking the bandages off on Sunday.  I am glad that I did because I had several new little sores on the bottom of my foot.  He also wanted me to put moleskins on my foot and those ended up ripping the skin off of my foot so I quit using them.

When I tried to explain to him about the new sores, he shook his head no.  I took pictures of my foot the day before I saw him and what my foot looked like when I took the bandages off – I am not imagining that sores were there that were not there several days earlier!  You can view the picture from the day before my visit here (it is the bottom one on that set) and when I took his bandages off here.  I had actually planned on taking those with me yesterday but the monitor on my computer died Monday morning and I wasn’t able to use the computer until I got a new monitor.  I am glad that I didn’t waste the ink printing them!

From the way he has been acting lately, my gut told me that he was going to be upset that I have not been putting the moleskin on my foot.  I even told my sister the day before that he was going to call me non-compliant.  I was seriously starting to think about looking for another doctor because of things that have been happening but kept telling myself that he was a good doctor.  Yesterday morning when I woke up, I really did not want to keep that appointment and came pretty close to calling and canceling it but we went.

Even though things have been going south with him, I was still pretty shocked as to what happened yesterday.  He stood there and said, “If you would do what I am telling you to do, your foot would close.”  I about lost it.  The things he has been having me do made my foot worse.  Nothing like being non-compliant because I don’t want to put something on my foot that is ripping the skin off!

Needless to say, I picked up my shoe and sock and told him that I was going to find another doctor.  He did not touch my foot so nothing was done yesterday.  I did not have a bandage to put on my foot and the nurse gave me some gauze that I put on once we got out to the car. 

Even though it was a wasted trip, I am really glad that I went so I could see what a jerk he really is.  Even though things have not been right, I kept trying to tell myself that it was me, not him.  There is no doubt in my mind that changing doctors is the right thing to do. 

I took a picture of my foot this AM and you can see that here.  I also set up a page with pictures as they progressed, you can see those here.  Things should get better not continuously worse. 


8 thoughts on “Arrogant Jerk Doctors

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve developed another ulcer! 😦 All I can think of until you find a new doc is to do the things that worked last time. I don’t know if there is a wound care center around, but sometimes they can be very effective because they have a lot of experience with diabetic foot ulcers. I’m really hoping for the best for you — I know you’re motivated to do your best, but you need a good working partner doc! ❤

    • Thanks Natalie! I am actually going to go to a wound center. The doctor I was seeing did specialize in wounds, but it is almost like he is trying to get rid of patients lately. I know I need a good doctor, but they are hard to find!

  2. Kelly, I’m so sorry that you’re still having problems with your foot and I’m even sorrier that you had to leave this doctor because the relationship was so bad. My fingers are crossed for you to find a new and wonderful doctor ASAP.

  3. Kelly, what you are going through with your foot is so terrible! I feel so bad for you. Having the “right” doctor is so important.

    I’m glad you fired your doctor and hope that you find one that actually listens to you without bias. I had an endo once that didn’t listen to anything I said and told me I was Type 2. He nearly killed me….but never admitted his mistake. I switched endos immediately and they started me on insulin that same day. Glad I went with my gut feelings.

    • I am glad you listened to your gut feelings too Liz! I have joked in the past about doctors needing hearing aids but I starting to think that isn’t really a joke. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner – my gut has been telling me to switch since July. Too long!

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