Wordless Wednesday (Sort of): Let There Be Water

Ever since I bought the London Bridge for my village back in 2004, I have wanted to make a more realistic looking river to flow under the bridge. This year, I landed on a train site and the guys there wanted realistic scenery for their display so I finally found out how to do it. Of course I deiced to try the easy stuff and it didn’t work so I ended up ordering what I originally planned on getting but talked myself out of – EnviroTex Lite. It wasn’t as hard to use as I thought it would be and it doesn’t look too bad. I am going to add some rocks around the edges of the river.  Of course, this is only one small section and I will “piece” it together!

Village River with EnviroTex Lite


In the past, I used a piece of blue felt. I think the new stuff will look much better.

Caroling with the Cartchit Family on the Tower Bridge of London





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