These Boots Are Made For Walking

Kelly Booth Diabetic WalkerI went back to the wound center again today. The doctor I saw today felt my foot looked better and did not suggest surgery – yeah! He wanted me to get a boot that has an area that comes out in the heel. I have to wear it 24/7, including when I am sleeping. I can take it off to get in the shower and that is it.

After I got home, my friend FatCatAnna posted the link to the video These Boots Are Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra – she said what I post these days gets tunes going thru her head! When I looked for that tune in iTunes a couple years ago, they had it by David Hasselhoff so that is the version that I have.  Of course, I had to post it below!

When the nurse took me back, I said something to her about the problem I had trying to schedule appointments – she verified that is how their appointments work. If you would call to schedule an appointment on a day that particular doctor did not have anything scheduled yet, the only appointment you would get is 8 AM (if he is there in the mornings). I think that is pretty stupid and offers zero flexibility for people. I am not about to leave at 5 AM for an appointment! The way my sister’s days off work, the doctor today suggested alternating between the doctor I saw on the 5th and him. I will have to have a doctor’s intervention every time I try to make an appointment for the one in the morning!

Hopefully the boot helps and I won’t have to make too many more trips.

I added a new picture from yesterday to the bottom of the diabetic foot ulcer page. You can see that here.


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