Wound Center Charges Explained

On Monday, I wrote (complained!) about the bill I had for the wound center charges. I had a phone call this AM from someone at Ohio Valley General Hospital – my letter was kicked over to her because I used the word “fraud.” She went thru and explained everything to me. My insurance lumped how they billed it under “operating room services” but that was not the code they used. Had I spoken to her on Monday instead the person that I got bumped over to, I would not have been as upset as I was. I should have asked to talk to a supervisor or someone else when I called Monday, but unfortunately, I didn’t.

The phone call had an unexpected turn. During our billing discussion, I brought up what CCS did with my Dexcom sensors. I asked her if she knew what a CGMS was – she not only knew, she has the MM one. She did not know about Dexcom or their new one coming out. When I told her about the Dexcom group on TuDiabetes, she did not know about TuDiabetes either so will check that out.

We were both able to help each other out!



4 thoughts on “Wound Center Charges Explained

  1. One of the things I really love and respect about you, Kelly, is that you are willing to confront and clarify the issues that bother you. I’m glad you had that conversation, and I’m glad that you are feeling better about it, and double glad that you were able to help this woman! And I’m really enjoying the Dex — it’s almost always accurate enough that I feel comfortable trusting its reading (especially important in the low range!). And looking forward to seeing what this lady has to contribute to TuD! 🙂

    • Thanks Natalie! I think I spent too many years not speaking up and then regretting it so I am making up for lost time! I am glad that you are enjoying the Dex. Are you planning on getting the new one? I did tell her that I know several people that switched from MM to Dex and liked it better. Hopefully she will see some of those people in the Dex group. She should be a big help with doctor/hospital type issues so I hope she does join.

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