Medical Records: Very Angry Right Now

I sent for copies of my records from the wound center at Ohio Valley General Hospital and they came today. There were a bunch of mistakes in them, including stating that I was a Type 2 instead of Type 1 and had coronary artery disease (which I have never had) nor did I seek treatment for my wound (I have been writing about my visits to a wound care doctor since May 1st).   I am going to do a post in a couple days with all those but this one in particular has me fuming.

They had a given me a book with patient information in and when I was looking to see if they had a process to correct errors in your medical record, I came across this:

 Ohio Valley General Hospital policies

Specifically I am referring to number 21, “A patient has the right to an environment that preserves dignity and contributes to a positive self-image.”

The doctor that I saw on my 2nd visit there was Christopher Hajnosz, DPM. I didn’t particularly care for him but figured he was a temporary person that I needed to see to get my wound closed. When my records came, I was a little surprised to read this:  

Christopher Hjnosz, DPM rude comment

appears older than her stated age.” WTF does that have to do with my wound? Does he want my birth certificate to prove my age is what I stated it as?  And how is that preserving my dignity and contributing to a positive self-image? What an f***ng jerk!

I was just getting my positive self-image back – it is hard to have a positive self image when you have difficulty walking and have to use a walker.  That is something I have struggled with for years and now he just knocks me back down.   I obviously made a huge mistake of going there. Thank you Dr. Hajnosz! I hope karma bites you in the butt big time!

There is a section in the back of their patient handbook how to handle complaints and I intend to send this along with the page about contributing to a positive self-image to them. I doubt it will do any good, but I will do my part and submit it.

I would like to add that for the most part, the employees at Ohio Valley General Hospital are extremely courteous. With all the people that I have crossed paths with between the hospital and wound center, there was only one other person besides the check out person this time and Dr. Hajnosz.


4 thoughts on “Medical Records: Very Angry Right Now

  1. I’m so sorry that you experienced this. There is no excuse for it.

    One thing that I have discovered is that male doctors treat me like I’m a two-year-old child, with barely disguised contempt.

    In the last few years, I have chosen female doctors, whenever possible. Unfortunately, we sometimes have no choice but to go to a male doctor.

    I’m not a “man-hater.” It just happens to be the truth that many (most?) male doctors are Male Chauvinist PIGS, who treat women’s health concerns as being imaginary and/or hysterical. When my husband and I have gone to the same male doctor, it has been amazing how that doctor would treat my husband with respect but would dismiss my own health concerns.

    Would Dr. Hajnosz have made that same nasty comment about a man?!?

    When I was young, male doctors sometimes tried to flirt with me, which was unwelcome, inappropriate, unprofessional, chauvinistic and disrespectful.

    Now that I’m 56 and somewhat overweight, they treat me like a brain-dead, foolish, contemptible old lady.

    I hate being hospitalized, because the male doctors are rude and are the absolute worst.

    Lastly, doctors and their staff have made a lot of mistakes on my medical records. Why does this happen?

    • Thanks Beth! You are right, there is no excuse for it. I never thought about it before, but I do think the male doctors I have seen are a lot more arrogant than women doctors. I have only seen one woman doctor that was arrogant and she was an endo. I guess women just have more compassion towards their patients than the men do. I am sure Dr. Hajnosz wouldn’t have made the same comment about a man!

      I have had other mistakes in my records, but this time seemed a pretty high rate for a handful of pages. I have a 4 page correction letter for 5 pages of medical notes. It was bad enough when files got buried in someone’s office but now that they are using electronic medical records, that scares the crap out of me!

  2. Kelly – that Dr. obviously needs some lessons in human kindness! He is a HUGE jerk – and that comment was not only unnecessary, but rude, inhumane and stupid!!! I add that it is untrue as well! I too have mobility issues – and I’ve had Dr’s tell me that I’d look “so much younger if I didn’t have to use a cane to walk.” I feel like saying, “Oh yes, well, let me just stand up without it and see how far I can walk without doing a drunken stagger – I’m sure that is SO MUCH more attractive than balancing myself with my cane!” I had another Dr. tell me that I look 80 years old when I’m walking with my cane. Yeah – it hurts! And I wish Karma would take those two Dr’s and knock their heads together!!! Idiots! When you have mobility issues, you do the BEST YOU CAN to keep going – no matter what that means – or what that looks like to anyone else! I’m not in a flippin’ beauty contest – I’m just trying to live my life and get around as best I can! There’s this thing – called compassion – and most Dr’s need a refresher course!

    • Thanks Linda! He definitely has no compassion! I appreciate your saying that it was not true. You certainly understand what it feels like. There is no reason to tell someone that they look 80 when they use a cane. I hope karma takes care of all the idiot doctors. I am like you, just trying to live my life and get around the best I can.

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