What Do/Don’t I Share?

National Blog Posting MonthI am participating in Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. Today’s topic is a disclosure post – “How did you decide what to share?” What do/don’t you share?”

This is kind of a funny one for me. Prior to finding the diabetes online community (DOC), I was a very private person and rarely talked about my diabetes or other health problems. Now I share just about everything!

I started to share because seeing other people share and the effect sharing had on someone having a problem. People would log into the DOC and be frustrated because their blood sugar was high. About 20 other people would say that their blood sugar was high that day also. When you are having a bad day and get to hear about other people having problems too, you don’t feel like you are alone.

Faxing more infoLike I said, I share just about everything, good or bad. When I share the good things, it might give someone else hope or inspiration that they can get thru something also. Yes, it is possible to have decent blood sugar with gastroparesis. When I share the bad, that also might give someone hope to pull thru the same problem. They saw that I managed to get thru or I am making progress in getting thru and that gives them hope that they will also get thru. Whether it is good or bad, I think sharing helps everyone. Writing about it also helps me work thru some of the frustrations.

About the only thing that I won’t share are doctor’s names. I had a bad experience in the past after giving someone my doctor’s name so I won’t ever share a name publicly. Given the circumstance, I may give a name to someone in a private message but that doesn’t happen very often either.

I also won’t share information that I obtain because of my blog or in a private message with someone unless they say it is OK. As a bean counter and a formerly very private person, I respect people’s right to privacy. I want people to feel safe being able to share something with me and not reading about it online the next day. I cringe when I hear/see other people sharing things that they should not be sharing.

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2 thoughts on “What Do/Don’t I Share?

  1. Yup, sounds just like me!!!! I never ever used to talk about diabetes, and now it’s impossible to shut me up. LOL I agree on being careful not to share certain things that are too personal to ourselves or others though.

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