Redesign a Hospital Room

I am participating in Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. Today’s topic is to redesign a hospital room.

Every hospital room I have been in was white. I would get rid of the white and pick a nice pastel color. The sheets are always white too. Boring! Get some nice colorful sheets too. The lack of colors make a hospital room dreary and that only compounds to feeling like crap because you are sick.

The last time I was in the hospital, they didn’t even have a clock on the wall. All hospital rooms need a clock!

NurseLights. My number one annoyance! Some nurse comes in during the middle of the night to pull blood or test your vitals and turns the light on. Then when she leaves the room, it gets left on and you have to get out of bed and walk across the room to turn it off. Or if the nurse didn’t come in and you actually need a light, you can’t see to get across the room to turn the light on. There either needs to be a small lamp on that nightstand that you can reach or a remote to turn lights off and on.

There is usually a small nightstand for you to put some stuff both in and on top, but it is always in a weird spot. When I am in bed at home, I can just roll over and reach things on my nightstand. I have yet to be in a hospital that I could do that. Put the nightstands in a reachable spot.

Music. I am more of a music person than a TV person. I would much rather listen to music than watch TV all day. It would be nice to have a radio to listen to instead of a TV. I think music is much more soothing.

Computer blue manThe last time I was in the hospital, there was a computer monitor in the room for the nurses to access my chart.  Now that we are moving into the computer age with medical records, it would nice to see patients allowed to use those computers to access their email, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Towels. Some hospitals are downright stingy with their towels! The one hospital was like pulling teeth to get them. I was having a lot of lows in the middle of the night and would get super sweaty to the point I needed to change. I wanted a towel so I could wash up a little and was told “it was not time to do that.”! There needs to be a small linen closet in the room that you can get your own towel when you need one and not have to beg for one. And yes, make those colorful towels, not the ugly white ones!

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One thought on “Redesign a Hospital Room

  1. Thinking some more about it… When you are absolutely bedridden, and CAN’T get up to turn off the light, or roll over to get something on the nightstand, it’s even worse. And of course, you can’t clean yourself up — after the urinary catheter was pulled, and I couldn’t hold my urine, I lay on a SOAKED pad for over 12 hours because no one came in to check it, let alone change it. In the hospital I was in during my coma, there was a button on the bed that was supposed to work the lights, but it was broken. I would have LOVED to have access to a computer (I’m an addict), although for the first 2 days, I was unconscious and wouldn’t have been able to use it. What I wanted most, though was QUIET! There were noises coming in from all over the place, and alarms ringing, and just general chaos, and that was the last thing I needed. Hospitals are the WORST possible place to recover from anything, and I sincerely hope I will never need to be hospitalized again. I’d rather have a visiting nurse!

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