The Perfect Care Package

I am participating in Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. Today’s topic is, “Community Care Package. Create the perfect care package for your members or fellow patients.”

Since this says the “perfect care package,” I guess it can be one that I want to make not one that I can afford!

Bear in picnic  basketI would put a ton of test strips in. Everyone needs test strips. Of course there are so many different brands, I would make sure they get a new meter that matches the test strips so they would be able to use them without having to go out and buy a new meter. I would also throw in the new Dexcom and G4 sensors – a year’s worth of sensors. I would put a bunch of Glucolift glucose tablets in. Need something good for lows and they are natural! They would get a gift certificate from their local pharmacy to cover their insulin for a year. There would also be a separate gift certificate for the pharmacy to pick up odds and ends that they might need.

Of course, some non-d things would need to go in also. Everyone needs some nice scented Yankee candles. I am a picky eater and I would hate to pick out food to put in and have it go to waste because the person opening the care package didn’t like what I picked out so I would get a gift certificate at a local grocery store. Can you tell I am a gift certificate person? I would throw in some of the top selling movies so they have something to watch with their candle lit meal!

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4 thoughts on “The Perfect Care Package

  1. Hey, Kelly, send ME one! LOL!! I especially liked the grocery gift certificate, cuz I am a picky eater, too, and it would be SO nice to get food I REALLY like! 🙂

    • Thanks Natalie! Don’t forget, I said what I would like to send, not what I could afford! One of my aunt’s use to always send me “sugar free” stuff for Christmas and it was a waste. I couldn’t tell her I didn’t want it because she would get insulted. Unless someone specifically told me that they like certain things, I would never send them actual food items.

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