Anatomy Post: My Drill-Bit Foot

I am participating in Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. Today’s topic is, “Anatomy Post. Re-label an anatomy picture with new names/descriptions for your body parts.”

MRI of foot When I first read that topic, the first thing that I thought about was my foot. Back in 2005 and 2006, I had a bad foot infection. After changing doctors in the spring of 2006, I had 3 surgeries – one to remove part of the bone in my heel, the 2nd to remove the antibiotic beads that had been place in my foot during the first surgery, and the 3rd to put a bone graft in my foot. After they did the bone graft, some of the material slipped.

I never saw an x-ray of my foot after having the bone graft done until 2008. My initial thoughts were that it looked like a big drill-bit in my foot. I recently had an MRI done and they gave me the CD with the images to take to my doctor. Like any good patient would, I made a copy of the CD and saved the images. You can see for yourself what my foot looks like. 

MRI of Foot

Doesn’t that kind of look like a drill bit?

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4 thoughts on “Anatomy Post: My Drill-Bit Foot

  1. Not at all mechanical, so I don’t know what a real drill bit looks like, but yes, it does look kind of OFF. My own interpretation is a cuddly polar bear — I can see the eyes and nose, and it kind of looks like it’s cuddling the tendon (?) it’s attached to! 🙂

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