Calling BS on Looking Old in Medical Records

Old Lady DancingI am participating in Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. Today’s topic is, “Call BS on something. What’s something that is just ridiculous?”

Back at the end of October, I wrote about getting my medical records from the wound center and being angry. Besides the numerous errors in them, one of the doctors wrote, “This is a female, a 53-year old, appears older than her stated age.” I sent two letters out because of the errors and that comment. One to the wound center itself and the other to the president of the hospital with a copy of the letter to the wound center.

I had two phone calls last week from the hospital because of those letters. Both people told me that is a common medical statement. I told them that I always get copies of my records and have never seen that before. The one woman asked me how old the doctor was and was surprised that he was not older. She said that used to be more common but younger doctors don’t do it as much. She said that if a young person would come in using a cane, walker or wheelchair, the doctor would say they looked older than their age.

The other woman asked me if I had seen the recent article in the Pittsburgh Post, which I hadn’t but looked for after our conversation. The article is, “Looking Old May Be a Sign of Heart Risks.” She thought even more doctors would start using that term.  After I read the article, none of the things mentioned applied to me. I told her when I talked to her that it was still rude!

Since I use a walker, I think it would be nicer to state that I use a walker, not that I appear older than my stated age. When my nephew was two years old and learning to walk, he had to use a walker. Did that make him look old? If someone has creases near their ear lobes, then state that. Don’t state that they appear older than their age. If someone has bumpy deposits on their eyelids, then state that, don’t state that they appear older than their age.

I think the comment is just rude and I will continue to tell any doctor that wants to put that in my records that he is an a**!

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