A Health Moment I Regret

Diabetes Blessings WeekI am participating in Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. Today’s topic is, “A health moment I regret …” I am also participating in Mike Durbin of My Diabetic Heart, Diabetes Blessings Week. I am going to attempt to turn the Wego Health prompts into Diabetes Blessings!

Back in 2005, I ended up with a foot wound that turned into a two year ordeal. In September of 2005, after landing in the hospital for a week, I started going to a local wound center. When I first went in, I was already on IV antibiotics for osteomyelitis. The doctor did a culture and it came back that I had MRSA so they changed the antibiotics to Vancomycin. After I finished the first round of Vancomycin, they said that I still had the infection so I started a second round.

After I finished the second round, they did another culture and another MRI. The doctor told me that the infection was gone. He then placed a wound vac on my foot in January, 2006 – a wound vac should not be used when you have an active infection in the bone.

By February, I was having a lot of problems and really sick. I had a minor surgery on a Friday to clean out the wound and I was told that I did not have an infection and my bone was fine. The following Wednesday, I was told that my bone was soft.

After I went home, I told my sister that I wanted to go to a different doctor – I couldn’t understand how my bone could be fine on Friday and soft on Wednesday. She called the wound center and talked to my nurse. The nurse looked at the last MRI I had and told my sister that I still had osteomyelitis I had three MRis by that point so I thought maybe she just looked at the wrong one.

That night, I ended up in the hospital again. The next day, my sister called to make an appointment with a doctor in Pittsburgh that someone she knew had taken her mother to. I had to check myself out of the hospital on Sunday to keep that appointment. My mother went to the hospital Monday morning to pick up my records before we left for the appointment.

When I started looking at my records, the last MRI showed that I did still have osteomyelitis, but the doctor told me it was clean. The culture also showed I still had an infection yet the doctor kept insisting that the infection was gone. Putting the wound vac on my foot with that infection turned my bone into mush. I know now to always get copies of test results. I will always review test results prior to having any procedure that is being done based on those results.

My blessing is that when I changed doctors, I was able to save my leg. I still have my leg today. Had I not changed doctors, I know I would not have my leg today.

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5 thoughts on “A Health Moment I Regret

  1. I’m incredibly sorry you’ve had to deal with that, Kelly. Definitly glad you’ve got a new doctor and are being treated as you should be.

    I had a similar ordeal with my heart. The cardiologist told me there wasn’t a blockage in one of my arteries when there actually was. And it was based on incomplete reports. That mistake could have been fatal. Needless to say, that doctor was fired.

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