Changing Appointment Times Without Notifying the Patient

I am participating in Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. I am not using the prompts today and decided to write about something else.

Back on the 16th, I wrote about the Ceretec bone scan that I had and that my doctor wanted me to have a regular one. I was standing next to his employee when she made the appointment. It was supposed to be today at 11 AM at Nason Hospital in Roaring Spring. While she was on the phone with the hospital, she turned and asked me if 11 was OK. When I said yes, she told the person on the other end that 11 was OK. She also wrote today’s date and 11 AM on the bottom of my script.

Nason Hospital Bone Scan Time

Saturday morning, I had a phone call from Nason Hospital to pre-register me for the test. I was told that it was scheduled for 9 AM not 11 AM. I was also told that I would leave and come back in 3 hours. My doctor told me a “simple one hour test.” The person I talked to transferred me back to radiology. She tried to tell me that I misunderstood! I did not misunderstand anything nor did I misunderstand what time the test was scheduled for, especially when it was written on my script!

My “theory” on what happened is that someone in radiology at Nason Hospital saw the schedule and because dye was involved, they did not want it started at 11 so just changed the time without bothering to check with me. I know I certainly did not misunderstand when I was asked if I could be there at 11 nor do I believe that my doctor’s employee misunderstood anything and she also wrote 11 on my slip.

I was very impressed with the radiologist there when I had the Ceretec bone scan done but since they apparently believe it is OK to just arbitrarily change people’s appointment times without verifying that time is OK with the patient, I really don’t want to have any other testing done at that hospital. I have to wait to schedule appointments on my sister’s days off and now I wasted several weeks because they decided to play games. Needless to say, I am not real happy with Nason Hospital!

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One thought on “Changing Appointment Times Without Notifying the Patient

  1. Well, communication slip-ups happen. Someone at the hospital definitely screwed up, but it’s not the first time, and won’t be the last time. I just want you expertly taken care of, and if you like the radiologist, don’t let a minimally educated clerical worker disturb that relationship. I know it was frustrating and you were upset about it (I would be, too), but don’t let that prevent you from getting the expert care you need! (Please take this in the spirit of love in which it was written, because I DO love you!!)

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