When a Doctor Lies

I am participating in Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. I am not using the prompts again today.

Doctor gifThe past couple years, I have been working on regaining some trust with doctors. Right now, I feel like everything I regained has been ripped away.

First, I have been having trouble getting my x-rays and medical records from the doctor I had been seeing. When I first switched to him, the doctor that did the surgery on my foot forwarded the x-rays he had done. The doctor I switched to was someone that I met doing HBO at Ohio Valley General Hospital. I believed that he was a very good doctor. I don’t know what is going on, but something strange was happening with him. I know it wasn’t just me because his waiting room used to be packed and his other patients all seemed to have disappeared. I sent him 2 letters plus one unreturned phone call trying to get my records. I told him if he could not send the x-rays to me, I wanted them returned to the doctor that did them. Last night, I ended up filing a complaint with the attorney general’s office to try and get those records and x-rays.

I also had an appointment for my foot yesterday. I spent the rest of yesterday in tears after that appointment. Monday, I wrote about the bone scan time being changed plus it was supposed to be a simple one hour bone scan not a multi-faceted one. We talked about that first. He told me that the radiologist must have changed it based on my previous scan. I don’t buy that. A doctor might consult with the radiologist about which is the best one to do, but I don’t think a radiologist would just change it.

When I saw him on the 16th, I brought up the Aqua Cell that I am using because it is not working. He wanted to wait until I saw him again and he said if it wasn’t working, we could switch to something else. He even had something in mind. I brought it up yesterday again and this time, he wanted to see what the supply company that I used had. I don’t care what they have, I want something that works! I told him that I live within walking distance of a medical supply company and they would probably order what I needed – small, local companies are usually better about being willing to order stuff that they don’t have on their shelf.

I left without a script so to me, that says that he doesn’t want to switch me. Plus, he won’t be there the day I can come back and I am seeing his partner. That means it won’t get changed then either.

He also wanted me to see a doctor in Pittsburgh to see if he can suggest something that we haven’t tried. I am actually familiar with the doctor he suggested because he was at the wound center at Ohio Valley when I first went there. When I was doing HBO, we exchanged hellos several times passing each other in the hallway. He was supposed to be a really good doctor.

When I left, they made the appointment for the bone scan. I am using the exact same script but this time, the person said that it was multi-facet one! Funny I wasn’t told that when she scheduled it the first time. The doctor in Pittsburgh was closed for lunch so she said she would have to call me later.

When she called, she made the appointment for the consult for 8:30 AM. When you live several hours away, 8:30 appointments are not going to happen, especially in the winter! When I called to reschedule, the only appointment I could get was mid-January.

Later, I remembered something about that doctor that concerned me. One of the other HBO patients also had a very bad experience with a wound vac. Neither he nor his wife wanted to use it again. That doctor basically said he was going to use it and did the paperwork to get one. I don’t want a doctor that is not willing to listen to why I don’t want to do something.

Last night, I decided I would make an appointment with a wound center in Pittsburgh. This doctor has said he would work with me if I wanted to go back to one. In order to do that, I needed to cancel that bone scan. This morning I pulled out the script because it had the date and time on. Stuck to the script was also the referral to the doctor in Pittsburgh.

Calcanectomy consult

I was told that I was going to see him to see about trying something new. I certainly was not told that I was seeing him about a calcanectomy! In case you don’t know what a calcanectomy is, it is when they remove your heel. They can do a partial or a total so that is how the script was written.  I want to save 100% of what is left of my foot.  I am NOT doing a calcanectomy, partial or otherwise!

I feel like I was lied to about the bone scan, the Aqua Cell and the referral. I cancelled my next appointment and the appointments for the bone scan and the referral.

I really don’t know what I am going to do right now.  Getting to Pittsburgh is not easy in the winter.  I hate to say that I give up, but that is how I feel right now.  I am starting to believe that there aren’t any good doctors left out there.

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4 thoughts on “When a Doctor Lies

  1. Your frustration is palpable! 😦 What is an Aqua Cell? And what would a calcanectomy do? Is it possible to remove the heel without taking the whole foot? Would you still be able to walk? Why do they want to do it? Sorry for so many questions, but I have lost track of what’s happening and why. But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel for you! 😦

    • Natalie, no need to apologize! Aqua Cell is something they put on wounds to try to help them heal. It looks like a small piece of felt and you cut a size to fit over the wound. It has medicine in that should help. Wounds are like diabetes – what works for one person won’t work on another and it isn’t working for me.

      A calcanectomy removes the heel but leaves the rest of the foot intact. However, there is a very high failure rate and it is very painful. After a certain period of time, you can walk with special shoes but I would not be able to get on the treadmill. That is the beginning of the end because chances are good you will still end up with an amputation. Once you have an amputation, you have an average of 5 years to live.

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