I Am Fighting For My Life Not My Leg

I am participating in Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. I am not using the prompts again today.

Last night, my friend Natalie asked about a calcanectomy on my post about the doctor lying. I have had some other comments about what is going on and thought I would explain.

A calcanectomy removes your heel but leaves the rest of the foot intact. You would be able to walk with special shoes. There is a very high failure rate and it is also very painful. With any surgery, you run the risk of infection and things going downhill fast. If it fails, then you would have an amputation.

Based on some of the comments I have received, I think some people think you get the amputation, get a prosthetic leg and get on your with your life. Once you have one leg amputated, you are high risk for losing the other one. Again, you run the risk of infections. What I think most people don’t realize is that the average life expectancy after an amputation is 5 years. Yes I know that is average but I am also fighting other health issues besides just being diabetic. The autonomic neuropathy has really screwed up my internal systems. I don’t think the odds are in my favor of beating that 5 years.

I don’t expect anyone to understand how I feel because you have not walked in my shoes (and I honestly hope that you never have to!), but I will not do either a calcanectomy or an amputation. I will not put myself thru all that just to end up dead anyway. If I am going to die, I would rather not be tortured in the process.

Please don’t take that statement as I want to die because that is not the case. I want to save my leg because to me, that means I get to live. Right now, I don’t know how to do that because doctors would rather chop it off than save it.

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6 thoughts on “I Am Fighting For My Life Not My Leg

  1. Thinking of you as always, Kelly. I don’t have any great advice for you because you’re facing many things that I’ve been lucky to avoid (so far). I will keep hoping that it’s a mild winter in your part of the world so that your drives to Pittsburgh aren’t too bad. Stay strong but ask for help when you need it.

  2. Really unhappy to read this message. I am thankful that I am not walking in your shoes, but the real impact of the message is that I do NOT want to lose you. I know that anyone can die at any time, but that does not make the prospect any happier. But I’m also content to let you make the decisions that seem right to you, because it doesn’t seem that there are any really happy outcomes — which although not pleasant to contemplate, is not changeable. Make the most of it, Kelly, and do what you need to, and remember I’m thinking about you a lot. ❤

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