More Lying Doctors and I Am Fuming!

The manager knocked on my door with a big envelope – they put some of my mail in her box. My records finally came from the doctor that I had to file a complaint with both the attorney general’s office and the PA licensing board in order to get them. I scanned in the page for my last visit with him and put it at the bottom of this post – that is what has me fuming!

I first looked to make sure the x-rays were in there. When I switched to this doctor, the doctor that did the x-rays would not give them directly to me to take but wanted to forward them himself. My first appointment, they looked at them and the doctor told the nurse to keep them. In my letter requesting my records, I asked him to forward the x-rays back to the original doctor if he could not send them to me. He sent them to me, but they were in the original envelope the other doctor used, along with a note that they were originals and should be returned within 2 weeks. This is 3 ½ years later and I now have them. That tells you right there the character of this doctor.

Of course according to him, I did NOT listen and had I listened, my foot would have healed months before. I expected him to put that in there. For several months before my deciding to change doctors, my sister who is a nurse kept telling me that what the doctor was doing was causing my foot to get worse – now she is enjoying saying I told you so. I did everything he told me to do and that did make my foot worse. He had me putting moleskin around the wound and that pulled the skin off – everything I have read says not to put sticking things on compromised skin because it makes it worse. I can attest to that one! He also had me leaving the bandages on way too long and having a moist wound bed promotes healing.

I was there on Thursday, August 23rd. At that visit, he wanted me to leave the bandages on for 10 days. That weekend, my foot was very sore so I ended up taking the bandages off. I am glad that I did because when I went to take them off, the bandages were so tight they were cutting into my skin. Because of neuropathy, I was not aware how tight the bandage was, but you would think a doctor that specializes in wounds would know not to put bandages on so tight. I had new sores from where the bandages were cutting into my foot. I looked pictures on August 22nd that you can see here and one on August 26th when I took the bandages off that you can see here.  Of course, I was wrong to take them off.  I can’t imagine what my foot would have looked like if I had left them on for the full 10 days.

I was supposed to go back 3 weeks after my appointment on the 23rd but his office needed to reschedule that appointment. In the meantime, my foot got infected. I called and they called my pharmacy with a prescription. I had a bad reaction to the antibiotic and called his office but they never returned my phone call. My foot was infected when I went to another doctor.

I saw him for my final visit on September 25th. He would always come into the room, say hello, shake your hand and sit down. That particular day, he walked into the room and walked over to my foot then walked back to the doorway. That is when he started into me. He was being an arrogant jerk and it was obviously planned with the departure from his normal routine. A few minutes into it is when I said that I was going to find another doctor. I have really had my fill of arrogant jerks. He walked away as I was putting my sock on and I said something to the nurse about not even having bandages so she gave me some.

After I got that in my purse, I walked out without saying a word. My mother tried to ask about not stopping to pay and make an appointment and I just said that we are leaving and didn’t say anything to anyone. Per his notes here, I left cursing and that is a lie! I am going to send him a copy of Proverbs 6 that God hates a lying tongue!

Needless to say, I am even more mad than I thought I would be when I looked at that and I only looked at that one visit!

This is the page of notes from my last records.  I “think” if you click, here it is larger (you have to click the here and then the picture for it to enlarge):

Iyalla Ned Adoki, MD untrue medical records


2 thoughts on “More Lying Doctors and I Am Fuming!

  1. Well, I think you did the right thing leaving his office. Applying a bandage too tightly to an already compromised foot is either the work of a person too inexperienced to be entrusted to the job, or else someone who really doesn’t know how fragile diabetic feet can be. Either way, not acceptable. I hope you can find a way out of this mess — the new wounds don’t look good, and it may be another long, hard time. Wish I had a magic wand! 😦

    • I agree Natalie, I haven’t had any regrets in leaving! Something very strange had been going on with him for a couple months and part of me thinks that he did it deliberately. I know I shouldn’t think that, but I do! I have been going thru them and he had on June 1st that I was non-compliant. I really believe that he went back thru and changed stuff – the writing looks all the same on all the pages – not what you would expect for being there different days. I got a good laugh that I supposedly wasn’t offloading because he told me he didn’t believe in it and I had my sister bring my wheelchair down! I guess I was non-complaint in that respect!

      I wish you had a magic wand too cause I know you would fix it for me!

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