Dexcom Gen4 Sensor and Integration With Animas and OmniPod

I subscribe to the diaTribe newsletter – which is a newsletter about diabetes treatments and technology.   Diabetes names Gary Scheiner, Jim Hirsch and Kerri Sparling all contribute to diaTribe.  It is well worth checking out if you have not read it before.  The downside is that it only comes out quarterly, but if you subscribe, you don’t have to worry about your inbox being flooded with newsletters you can’t keep up with.

I received a newsletter last night from diaTribe and there was an article about the status of the new Dexcom sensors and Dexcoms integration with both Animas and OmniPod.  As most of us are aware, the FDA has been holding up the release of these items.

According to diaTribe, Dexcom will be starting clinical trials the beginning of 2011 for the Gen4 sensors and hopes to have FDA approval by the end of 2011.

The clinical trials for the Dexcom/Animas combination are expected to start mid-2011 after the clinical trials for the new Gen4 sensor are completed.  This new combination is already under regulatory review in Europe and they hope to begin selling it in the first half of 2011 in Europe.

Apparently, the Dexcom/OmniPod combination has changed course from the original plans.  Insulet is deciding if they want to go forward with the next generation combination or stick with the original combination (first generation OmniPod and SevenPlus).  The combination Insulet decides on will determine how soon it will reach the market.

You can read the full article here.  It is the 3rd one down.
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