Information for Diabetics


Getting tips from other diabetics is probably the best source of information you can get.

TuDiabetes    Message board/social networking site for diabetics.

Diabetes Daily – Message board, blogs, as well as blog headlines from around the web.

Children With Diabetes  – Message board for parents of children with diabetes as well as those with diabetes.


Using Insulin by John Walsh – book with technical information on how to do basal testing, figure out your carb & correction ratios and a ton of other information.

Pumping Insulin by John Walsh – same as the Using Insulin book but it is designed for pumpers.

Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner – contains tips on managing insulin but not as technical as Using Insulin.

Diabetes Solution by Richard K. Bernstein, MD – even if you don’t like low carb, Dr. Bernstein offers a lot of very useful tips.

diaTribe  – Research & product news for people with diabetes.


Diaboogle  – Bernard Farrell’s Diabetes Search Tool.

Stop The Thyroid Madness  – Diabetes & thyroid problems tend to go hand-in-hand.  Stop the Thyroid Madness has a ton of information on thyroid problems & treatment.  Janie is a thyroid patient-advocate and she also has a group on Facebook called Stop the Thyroid Madness. – Celiacs is another autoimmune problem that also likes to pick on Type 1 diabetics.

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists – Keep up with what endorks think.

MISCELLANEOUS – Study comparing the accuracy of different meters (the chart is found on page 4). – Chart comparing onset, peak and duration times of insulins currently on the market. – Contains links to various diabetes websites with current information about what is posted on the different websites. – Chart converting A1c values to average blood sugar. – Converts A1c to estimated average glucose (eAG) or your eAG to A1c.  Note that these A1c tables are slightly lower than the Bernstein type ones in the table above. – Comparison by Integrated Diabetes of the three current CGMS systems on the market. – Joslin Medalist Program for those that have lived with insulin-dependent diabetes for 25, 50 or 75 years.  You don’t have to be a patient at Joslin to qualify.– Stop the Thyroid Madness page listing various research articles.
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