My Dickens’ Village 2012

Dickens Village Castle SectionI uploaded the video for my village back on the 14th, but with everything going on with bad insulin and being sick, didn’t get a chance to share it here. Prior to finishing the video, I had to do some village reconstruction. I had a doctor’s appointment in Pittsburgh on the 7th and when I came home, I discovered Hurricane Alex had hit while I was gone. A lot of people and trees were knocked over – I guess in his attempt to try and get to the window. Everyone asks about the cat and the village but not the dog!

I am happy with the way the river came out – it looks much better than the blue felt I used before! One year for Christmas, my sister bought me The Locomotive Shed & Water Tower (the little piece sitting on the river). When I was putting trees in and covering wires, I had moved it and set it on the river then decided it actually should be sitting on the river. That worked out pretty good!

I have an overall picture of the village below and the video below that:

Dickens Village


4 thoughts on “My Dickens’ Village 2012

  1. Great way to enjoy a snowy scene without getting COLD!! 🙂 I thought I saw a cat in there somewhere, which of course, is going to win my heart over, LOL!! Hope you’re feeling better, and wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and renewed health and vigor! 🙂

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