Dickens’ Village

Sheffield Manor
picture of Department 56 Heathmoor CastleI started collecting the Dickens’ Village series from Department 56 in 1996.  If someone wants to know what to get me for Christmas, I always say something for my village!  I always look forward to being able to put my village up at Christmas.  In 2009, I put my first video on YouTube to make it easier to share my village with my friends and will continue to do that every year.  The most current year is listed first below.   After the Christmas village videos, I have the Department 56 Literary Classics houses.  I also added in a picture of my Halloween houses.

I did a post for the Christmas 2010 village that has a slideshow in if you want to check that out here and the 2011 village is here.

Christmas 2011:

Christmas 2010:

Christmas 2009:

Literary Classics:

My little Halloween collection:

Department 56 Dead End Motel and Mickeys Haunted House

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